Welcome to this week’s weekly reflection! This week we’re working on our project “Voices Of The Cove” we’re trying to help the DCHS collect digital interviews and also try to find interviews for our podcasts. Along with that, where learning about continuity and change and how the world has changed and stayed the same from the 1950s to today.

This week, we looked deeply into immigration and refugees. We discussed how immigration has changed from how it was in the 1950s and how it is today. From working on this assignment I’ve learned many interesting facts about immigration in Canada that I’ve never known before.

The government’s plan for 2021 is to welcome 401,000 immigrants into Canada. Canada needs immigrants so that they can help support the economy by paying taxes and filling gaps in the labour forces. For people trying to immigrate to Canada, the process can be quite difficult. There are a lot of requirements that immigrants need to have to immigrate into Canada. For example, immigrants need to have a job and an employer that can vouch for
them so the government knows that the person is a hard-working individual. People immigrating to Canada also need to have a criminal record check and a valid passport. An interesting fact that I learned about immigrants coming into Canada that I didn’t know before is that immigrants account for 1 of every 4 healthcare sector workers.
Before, I thought that immigration in Canada was a lot more of a simple process. After learning about Canadian immigration, I’ve now learned how much work has to be done and how important it is to have immigrants come into Canada.

Overall, I’ve learned a lot this week. I’ve learned about immigration, continuity and change, and life after the war. All of this information that I’ve learned this week will be great knowledge to set me up to create my podcast!