First I was in Herzog doing photography and then I went into Carr. In Carr we learnt about drawing and how to create constructive communication by using our Apple Pencil.

This will be my blog post for Carr and press HERE to see my blog post for Herzog.

Ms, Maxwell introduced us to the app Sketches Pro

This app enables us to draw using multiple different very interesting tools but also look at other peoples art work. There is a community feed where you can post your own or see other peoples drawings.



Emily Carr

In our previous project we learned about and based our whole project on Fred Herzog followed by Emily Carr. Ms Carr was a Canadian writer and artist. She wrote some incredible books like The book of small, The house of all sorts, and Klee Wyck. She received the Governor Generals Award for her first non-fiction book Klee Wyck. Ms Carr opened a studio in 1912 but it did not take interest to many of the people in Vancouver so she closed it and moved back to Victoria. Then in 1927 she proudly joined the Group of Seven. The group of seven is Canadas most recognized modern painters.



The very first thing we did when we started this project was learning about all the different types of tools in Sketches Pro. After we learned what each one did we played around with them for awhile. We doodled a couple things and then we designed our names with colours and patterns. This taught us about different types of patterns and how to get more comfortable with the tools.

This is what I came up with, I don’t really like how it turned out because I didn’t put a lot of effort or time into it. I didn’t start this project with a growth mindset and that closed off a lot of my creative thinking. I had a very fixed mindset on me not being good at drawing and I didn’t want to do it. But slowly throughout this experience I’ve grown in my opinions on drawing. I still could get way better but I do try my best now.



When drawing there is one thing that really helps the piece of art truly come to life and seem to pop off the page. That key component is shading! Adding depth and dimensions to your drawing makes it look more real and doesn’t just look like a flat object or setting on a page. We learned about shading in skill 3 along with 3D shapes and the structure of a drawing. Here are some of the art works I created: In the second one we learned how to create a shadow coming off one side like a light source is on one side. Then in the third photo we took something at home and drew it with shading. I like how both pieces turned out and I think learning about shading really improved my art skills. But in the first one that was one of our first real projects. I got to see the peoples around me and how they did vs how I did on my first actual drawing. I think we all did pretty good for it being our first drawing. In that project we got to recreate a emoji we chose ourself.



The fourth skill we learned was perspective.

The meaning of perspective taken out of the dictionary: The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.

For this part of the project we followed along with a video drawing a room that looks like its three dimensional. We learned how to use the line structures to make the room look like it’s stretching back away from the viewer. We started with drawing base lines coming towards the centre then we made the windows and the floors.

This is what I ended up with. The closer you look and the further into the hallway you zoom in on the more you see. I tried to make it look like a happy nice looking hallway but the darker it gets father back the creepier it looks. I think this drawing really shows how much of a understanding I have with the tools in the app Sketches Pro. I learned how to use all the tools and I think it looks pretty good.



I found this image very interesting but it made me think, what skills did we learn in Carr that we need for 2025? I think we mainly gained or practised these four skills:

Active learning and learning strategies (by listening to the teachers and learning new things)

Critical thinking and analysis (by analyzing our work and seeing what we could fix or change to make it better)

Creativity, originality, innovative (by figuring out how to make our art original and unique compared to other art works)

Technology use, monitoring and control (by using our iPads and Apple Pencils for the whole project)



Overall I found this project very fun and I think we all learned a lot. I will definitely use these skills in the real world and probably draw some things in my free time. I never imagined I would actually want to draw for fun but I have gained a liking for it. Good bye for now, I will be posting another blog soon. Stay tuned!!