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Caelum Maker Recap

November 4, 2022

Hello everybody!

I am posting about my learning and what I have done throughout my time in Maker so far. I will talk about some of the things I have done so far in PLP these past 2 months. 

I will talk about My

  • Laptop Memoji
  • User Manual
  • Word Pack 

My Memoji

I will start with my Laptop Memoji. For this assignment I we were supposed to make a Memoji with keynote. The goal of this assignment was to show who you are within one image. For mine I showed some of my interests and hobbies. Some of the criteria for this was including photo fill, intent Alfa, gradient shape. And 5 images to complete. 

This is mine!

Word Pack


For my second assignment we had to make a word pack. It’s a shape with words in it. We had to pick words that we felt best represented us. We had to incled 5 words minimum. This was a fun project to teach us about word pack and it helped the teachers get a better understanding of us.

Here is mine!

User manual


For my final project I will present today is my user manual. We were supposed to write about ourselves in third person and show how we are best worked with and handled.

Here is my user manual.


Here is my book

with in this book we had to create a book on are art

we learned on some of the basic skills of drawing.


Hello good readers. Hope your having a excellent day.

Today, I want to share with you my journey on a recent project that I completed. The project was called “Medium is the Message” and it involved creating an advertisement for a company.

The company that I was assigned to was the Hatfield Marine Science Center, which is located on the Oregon coast. As part of our journey through the coast, we were tasked with creating an advertisement for this organization. The Hatfield Marine Science Center is a unique and fascinating place that offers a wide variety of programs and exhibits to the public.

To create our advertisement, we had to think carefully about the message we wanted to convey. We wanted to highlight the importance of marine science and the role that the Hatfield Marine Science Center plays in advancing our understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants.

We decided to create an ad that showcased some of the amazing exhibits and programs that the center has to offer. We used bright colors, bold text, and eye-catching images to grab people’s attention and encourage them to visit the center.

After weeks of hard work, we finally presented our advertisement at the Spring exhibition. It was a great learning experience for all of us, and we were thrilled with the positive feedback that we received from our peers and instructors.

To answer our driving question, How does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society? , Advertising uses persuasive techniques to influence society and sell products or services. Advertisers create messages that tap into people’s needs and desires, using techniques such as emotional appeals and persuasive language. By shaping our perceptions and attitudes, advertising can also impact our culture and values. To create effective ads, advertisers need to understand their target audience and use eye-catching visuals, strong headlines, and persuasive language to capture their attention and interest. Ultimately, advertising has the power to shape our preferences, behaviors, and beliefs, so it’s important to be aware of its influence and approach it critically.

Overall, this project was a fantastic opportunity to learn about advertising and marketing, as well as the important work that the Hatfield Marine Science Center does. I’m proud of what we accomplished and I can’t wait to see what other exciting projects lie ahead. Thanks for reading!

Here are 3 out of 36 of my drafts

Here’s my final advertisement.