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Hi lovely people of the internet, I see you have found my blog. Good news today’s post is about one of my favourite things… DRAWING! In this post I will be sharing about the maker project we just did.



We started of this project by learning about Emily Carr, the person inspiring this project. She was an artist from Canada who’s artwork was inspired by the indigenous people. She got the most recognition with her landscape portraits. Learned about her art techniques so we would be able to use them in our art.



The first class we did in this unit we played with using patterns and all of the different tools and brushes. Our assignment for that day was to write our names in bubble letters using fun patterns that reflected our personalities!

Inside of the C is a small drawing I did of my family because they are important to me and I thought they should be included. Inside of the A and the I, I did the ocean and some plants because I love nature. Inside of the T i drew my doggy Loki who I love a lot. Inside of the L I drew butterflies for the sole purpose of looking cute. Inside of the other I, I did ice cream because it is the best food in the entire world, and finally inside the N I did some pretty flowers because why not? After I added some black shadows at the bottom and some white shiny stuff at the top and VOILA it was ready to be turned in.



In our second class we started of by jus drawing a whole bunch of circles on our page. WE uses different colours to make them pop out and we practiced using pressure to make them look different

After that we used our circle knowledge to draw our emoji’s. Our emojis were supposed to reflect our mood that day and that day I was feeling happy so I drew a happy face emoji. Somewhere along the lines I got confused and made my emoji in a sun.



We started this class by watching a Ted Talk about how doodling is good for learning, and i created this sketch note on doodling. If you find yourself looking at it and thinking “wow what a lovely bunch of random scribbles” that is completely okay, trust me you are not alone, because this was the very fist sketch note that I have ever created in my life, so of course it is a bit sloppy.

Then we looked at some of the basics of sketch noting.

I made this guide for sketch noting about some of the elements you could incorporate like boarders, fonts, symbols etc.

I also made a symbol library for sketch noting


For this day we practiced shading using this shading guide

We also identified the key shapes in a mug



This was the final day of this unit. We came into class and FaceTimed with Chloe Devine: A graphic designer from New York. We created a KWL chart on what we learned

Then we created our own logos!

This was by far my favourite thing we learned I had so much fun making up a business and a logo for it! I made a Sunscreen brand called solis and i was very proud of the logo that I made for it. I used Keynote and Sketches Pro to make this logo. Below are my planning sheet and my logo


In conclusion I had so much fun doing this project. I think maybe next time I should add more shading to the mug drawings I made. I really loved this project and I would gladly do something similar in the future. Byeeeeee <3


here are all the things I made that I didn’t feel I needed to showcase in this post but i just wanted to share



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