comic cells

Hello and welcome to this post about CELLS!!! So the last project I did in scimatics was on called “Comic Cells” and basically we had to write a comic about cells. We started by making a mind map about how cells interact.

 We also watched an intro movie called Osmosis Jones about a guy who’s immune system fights a disease. 

We did a khan academy quiz about cells and I did the WRONG quiz and had to start over, but when I redid it I got 100% so yay. 

Our next step was to chose a virus to research and make a wanted poster with the information you learned displayed on it. I chose to do coronary artery disease and here is my wanted poster:

But shortly after creating my wanted poster it was time to make a storyboard for our final comic, and I found that I wasn’t able to find enough information on CAD. I eventually changed my virus to 🥁🥁🥁 Covid-19! There was so much information on covid so it was easy to research so I could put lots of information into my comic. I wrote my story board (yes I’m aware it is pink, I happen to like that colour) and here it is:

Then after I had done the storyboard I was ready to writ my final comic. I did a tiny bit more research first then I started to write it and here it is:


Comic Cells


Here are my Core Competencies:

I feel like I used most of my class time efficiently in this project. I was off task some of the time but I did use class time to work on my scimatics work.  

I used a lot of scientific vocabulary terms in my project and I did lots of research to make sure everything in it was correct. 

My characters interacted scientifically (with a little room to make it a story) and overall I was pretty happy with how other out!

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