Screen time project (Science)

Science and Math

Hey there again, this blog is for science and math and what we have done in the past 2 weeks or so. Are project that we have been doing Is counting how much screen time we use in one week with all of are devices even TV who uses those  things. 

So the first part we had to do is just practice the fractions math, we did this work sheets to practice for the numbers doc and really just knowing how to do fractions again, because the last time I did it was in grade 6 maybe I cant even remember that’s how long ago it was. 

Now Mr. Gross told us about the Numbers doc and how to add all the numbers and also told us how to make the doc basically do your math for you it was pretty cool how it does the math for you, One because you don’t have to do math and second you don’t have to do math 😂. 

So the milestones are pretty fun because it does not take so long to do the work and also we experience my first quiz in high school but I bet there is going to be a lot more to come. I feel like the quizzes where easy but I did get mess up quite a bit on the testes but luckily they where not towards markets on the project.

Final project 

So as you can see at the top right of your screen there is a very colourful table the table is about my weekly screen time. The table is all the numbers and all of the screen time categories as in IPad, IPhone, Tv but nobody uses that, computer, sports and sleeping. My total screen time for my whole week is 56.75 Hours😳. Most of my hours is from my computer which literally has no productivity so I got to work on that. So that is my recap on my project tank for sticking around.