Fear Factor

Today’s blog post focuses on our humanities class project, “Fear Factor,” which explores the Cold War era. In our typical PLP style, we embarked on a field trip to Arizona and Nevada in late April to gain a deeper understanding by researching firsthand accounts of Cold War experiences. While not all of our classmates participated, I was joined by 12 wonderful peers and friends, as well as our teachers Mr. Hughes and Ms. McWilliam (Ms. Maxwell). The central question of our project is, “How has fear been utilized as a political, defensive, and cultural instrument to influence our society?

This question guided our journey and lingered in my thoughts from Tuscon to Vegas. The Field Trip: Excitement filled the air as we began our expedition. The previous year, we had visited Disney World in Orlando to study immersive theming, which was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Therefore, this new trip had a tough act to follow. After departing from YVR in the late afternoon of April 18 and enduring what felt like an eternity in the car rental lobby, we arrived in Tuscon. Our exploration kicked off with a tour of the Titan Missile Silo in Tucson, AZ, a valuable source of information for our project. During the tour, we discovered details about missile launch procedures and the alarming speed at which they could strike targets in a nuclear conflict—just 30 minutes.

Yes there is a lot to go over in an almost a 2 week trip but I can only cover so much. So therefor Im just going to go over my favourite parts of the trip that odes include the Missile Silo.


One of the best parts in the whole trip was the thrilling scenes and terrific views hiking in Arizona will forever be in my mind on how beautiful it really is.

Just some of the ridicules views that we had the privilege to see with are very own eyes.


if this trip did not have the friends that went on this trip I know that this trip would not be this special, the memories that all of us had shared this trip is a thing that we will never forget and a thing that I hopefully will tell my kids about. Going further on this trip I had like 3 main buddy that I really was good friends, but the friends that I hav got closer with know is something special, from having the gang on the TikTok Rizz party bus to having a time to reflect on what we just learned.

Im truly great full for this trip and the friends that I got to make and made friendships better.

Final Product

The final product for the Fear Factor project was something I think was a very well created piece in my PLP history, I think it had a a lot of information about what I learned and what th topic was about.

The topic of my Fear Factor Project was what would happen if another nuke was launched in are planet and what would happen. We visited a lot of different places that helped me with a lot of information, like the BioSphere, the Misslie Silo and going to different museums and nit picking all the research that helped me with my project.

Canva Final Product 



Spring Exhibition

This project was a success in my opinion we had to create a project that brings both Humanities and BCFP (BC First People)

So to make this all make sense, before we had the idea of combining the 2 projects we had to find a person that helped the world with some sort of race thing, I choice to pick Jackie Robinson which was a huge part of making African American baseball players play in the MLB. 

The part of BCFP that I choice to represent was the food, Health and Wellness category but focused more on the side of where its just health and wellness. I fell like with the categories we had it was the best choice to match. 

So we did not have much time to make the product for the exhibition I would say it was like a week and a half to make are product to show at the exhibition. So I took on the brave mission to make a game wheel and circle that around Trivia about food health and wellness and Jackie Robinson, the idea is to spin the wheel and it would land on 4 topics and those topics would translate to a trivia question and i you get it right you get a little prize. 

Overall I think for the time we had to create this product, I did pretty well and I had great responses to the game Ides I had. 

PS do not try and Crete a game why hell without your dad it takes way longer


Helping the Peers

Hello grade 8s it’s Cole Douglas-Pluff here and I’m going to help you all out with having a very fun and fur fulling year. So the very first thing that I would recommend in your first year of high school would be ask an absurd amount of questions in every class, I know you just entered into high school I you might be nervous or you might not be, but your used to being in one class for the whole day and in high school your not and your probably going to have more then one teacher in each class and it’s the first time the teacher will also see you as well, so question and all things around that help you and help your teacher understand your scenario in your classes. 

That’s being me to my second point, always be on your teachers side ask questions on text in real life and also talk to your teachers like there your best friend and you will just have a better connection with your teachers which always makes your day better. 

Homework in high school is much different than it is in Elementary school, Elementary school in High School you probably have time in class to try and finish it or your teachers gives it to you for Homework, the thing that’s different about Elementary to high School Is that’s the teacher does not nag you about your homework until it becomes concerning an hen they nag you so your all on your own. 

That brings me into the next topic DO NOT become distracted with your phone or if your in PLP your IPad. Fine I am guilty of doing this a lot but I have mastered it and you grade 8s have not, but the point if that if you get distracted with games or social media you just get lost and that’s the worst because you know you can do it but your just so confused on what to do than you have to ask your friends and you feel stupid so just don’t go on your phone at least for the start of the class when your teacher is actually trying to teach you, then if you really have to go on your phone when it’s just your time to do your work, but that only means you have more work for when you get home. 

Anyways guys I hoped I helped you a little bit and I’m exited for your future in High School thanks to my tips.

T-Pol 2023

Hello everyone welcome to my 2nd T-Pol, of many more, I will be reflecting on every PLP class and telling you how I grew and fell as a leaner.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

Reflecting on my courses 

Maker, Humanities, PGP


PGP was a new class for me this year and it really was an enjoyable class learning about marketing and finances, the best part in my opinion would be learning things about Collage life and what to take and all of that stuff Because I was and still very lost on what to take in university/collage, which is not bad right now because I’m only going into grade 11 but I should definitely be learning more about collage classes and stuff. The way we learned the life of a collage student and what classes was recommend for are specific liking as in and all that was from my blueprint.

After the MyBluePrint stuff we got into marketing yourself by doing first are resumes which I mean is really just a resume having your work ethic and your experience also your skills. Then shortly after all the resume talk we made some business cards where basically its juts a way cooler and smaller version of the resume. It was so cool that we actual presented that at the exhibition this past week.

“F.A.I.Ls” and Successes 


– Creating Quality Work

– Enjoying and Understanding the topic to Succeed

– Learning more about the topic at hand


– Scheduling

– Organizing

– Not managing sports and school work

Like I said up top my most proud work of this PGP Class was maybe not work but is was understanding how collage classes work and trying to see what jobs fits my likings. So my work on that part was good but just now knowing what things interest me in


This Year maker was a very fun and interesting class, we had a new teacher this year In Ms.Kadi which was awesome also a very interesting sub situation where it feels like we had so many subs in this semester juts in Maker which was fine but little weird. I really liked the change from just the per focus of D.I. (Destination imagination) because I really just going to be real I really did not like that there was ups and downs in D.I. But I just liked the main focus on the class. So 2 project that very made me love Maker was the 3 trend videos and the Podcast, even though the podcast was very hard to first get into I just like saying that I have a Podcast now.


Yes Maker was fun But there was Ups and Downs.

F.A.I.Ls and Successes


– Having Fun every class

– Learned new tech skills

– Created Quality work


– Classes where a Bit confusing (only with Subs)

– Off task with Buddies

– couple outlasting Assignments

The Best and most fun Work I did was the 3 trend videos.  I literally went to Florida not just for that but just a little add on. I was having fun doing that work with my friends and it just fun making videos as well. My favourite Video to create was the Throwup or Blowup video I did with Landon it was just pure Comedy there.


The biggest and most popular to talk about Humanities (English and Social Studies). This Humanities class was very fats paced to me this year I felt like there was a new Project every 2 weeks which I felt like was not a bad thing moving quick through each one made it less boring and me way more un top of things. Which made me way more on top of homework.

F.A.I.Ls and Successes 


– On top of Work

– Having fun doing the things I liked to do

– Maintaining a specific Grade Level


– Going Jump start on Starts of the Project

– Maintaining missed days

– Organizing

Humanities to me was a great year for me my Favourite Project would definitely be the Power of Imagination. Why you ask well we went to Frickin FLORDIA to film and do are project which is still crazy to me, the project we had to do was make a documentary on a certain part about disney, my group decided to do animatronics in Disney World, so we flew out to film and make are awesome documentary and also make the trend videos that we did for maker

My Demonstration of Revision

I felt like this year stood out to me the most by being locked in on having a good project or work to hand in and not just lallygagging like I did in past years. I think My grades also make this year stand out having a sun in I think every class besides Math but we don’t talk about math. This year I also found it easy to work on multiple project at the same time with having less homework, due to being locked in on having work done on time to focus on other things. I haves also demonstrated how to take the revisions probably and make my work better. I found that most the time If I want to do the work I find myself really into school but if there is a project where is Bohrs me then I feel like I start to not Lock In.

I think the best Way to describe my year in 2 words would be “locked In” 



Thank you for listening to my presentation!

Lies and Congruencies

 Lies and Incongruencies 

Welcome to my blog post on our final Humanities 10 project, Lies and Incongruencies. For this project, we went to Canada’s past to analyze the idea of truth and reconciliation.


The first thing we did to start this project is a poem. Specifically, we each wrote a poem about where we are from, and how that affects how we are today. I felt like Im actual not a bad poet,I was dreading doing it at the start but then when I took the time, the words just flowed out of my mind and it took me like 10 minutes.

After that, we started the main knowledge building piece of this project; The Marrow Thieves. The Marrow Thieves is a dystopian novel by Cherie Dimaline. This book makes several connections to events in Canada’s past and present. We spent about a month reading it, and I thought it was alright. There were some parts I thought were really good, and some parts I didn’t like but I hate to admit it but I maybe read half the book. We also spent about a week learning about cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

For our first of 3 written reflections,

The First one was, First Nations Treaties this was about the long live treaties where the government always finesse the First Nations people about their treaties and all that. After a while they actual have a good treaties where kids get schooling and all of that. First Nations Treaties


The 2nd reflection was about Cultural Appropriations, we got to choice one or anything that is a Cultural Appropriation, which I chose to pick Pharrel Williams on his Cultural Appropriation with a magazine company where he wore a traditional First Nations headwear, this headwear that he had on, is the First Nations people had to earn there that head wear from bravery and things like that so the First Nations did take very much offence to this thing Pharrel did. Cultural Appropriation


For the final piece, this was called the Civic Conflict, this was about the Conflicts of “War in the woods” this was about how the government was trying to take down half the forest in the Tofino Area.  Civic Conflicts


Finally, we put all of the information we learned together in one photo collage. I decided to theme my collage around the idea of canceled sport teams. My art isn’t really a collage in my opinion, I think it’s more like a poster design that uses elements from different photos. I linked the collage at the bottom, so if you click on that, it opens them. To see my collage

Final Collage

anyways guys thanks for reading see ya Brodie.

PGP Blog post

Hello everyone this Blog post is finna be about the PGP section of this semester and also the Spring Exhibition.

The Start

Whats good, I just finish the rest of PGP, for this year. Recently, in PGP, we’ve been working on planning our future and Marketing Me. In this project/section of PGP I created budgets, learnt about where to save, and how a stock market works. The driving question for this section was “How do I support my career life choices?”. Within this project I think I built my critical and reflective thinking skills.

To start of ‘Financing’ in PGP I started with a somewhat of a keystone/checkpoint called “Budgeting Reality” in this activity I planned out my budget of Fixed Expenses vs. Variable Expenses. For the purposes of this activity we evaluated one month. If you don’t earn money consistently enough, we were tasked with choosing a month in which we did. If you didn’t remember what you spent in any one particular month, you estimated your expenses. This activity prepared me for the rest of the PGP activities and gave me insight into my budgeting.

Outline for budgeting

Next, I completed an activity called “Your Financial Future”. Within this learning activity I looked into different jobs to apply to in the summer and made an end goal for my summer earnings. I then looked into the average cost of different aspect of University. I think this helped me gain an idea of what my future would be. We also made Business Cards and a Resume. The Business cards we actually showed off at the exhibition and we talked about that and another project we did I but that as in another blog so stay tuned for that. The Resume was really just for us in the actual real life world to hand to your future jobs and all that same with the business cards but we had a little more focus on that because we had to present them to all the old heads of PLP.

The Stock Market

The next topic I want to cover is called “Stock Market Challenge”. This was a big part of the end of the year because the whole class was basically in a competition to have the bigger stocks or the most ethical stocks (in a simulation). My goal was to go for ethical stocks, honestly if I didn’t go for ethical stock I think I would’ve had a big chance in winning the competition. To prepare for the stock market simulation I researched different types of Investments and Investments Strategies. I think this was an important step in this activity because it taught me the basics of stocks, something I wasn’t very familiar with.

After researching the basics of stocks I decided to do some researching on what ethical stocks I should purchase from. I narrowed it down to a few but also bought a whole bunch, and gave reasonings why in a reflection. After every week I would do a reflection about the progress of my stocks. By the end I was only up $800, but that was definitely improvement and I proud of myself for adapting to the ups and downs of the stock market, because at the start I literally could not tell you what to invest into, or even tell you what a stock is. Knowing what they are now I really could be a cheeky stock broker (100% not but we will roll with it)

Anyways fella that sit for this Blog thanks for reading blud.

Spring Exhibition

What’s goodie, welcome back to the Blog this post is all about the Spring Exhibition, don’t know why its called Spring when it was in the summer time but the besides the point I don’t make the rules I just sort of follow them.

So this Exhibition to me was a bit out of know where, it felt like I just started to her about it the week before it actually came around. Also it was very confusing on what we were presenting, at first it was are Humanities Project then it came to be the Maker and PGP things that we did, which where the Podcast and the Business cards. So the Business cards we did was at the start of this Project/section, as I look back thats the first thing that comes to mind when I thought of this section of PGP, but I really liked the Podcast Idea and giving exposure to are Podcast’s.

The whole theme of are section for the Exhibition was office themed so we have a huge room and set up sort of cubicles to make it “Office Themed” my section was the sports area Because my pod was themed sports and there was a lot of us so it was a bit crowded but we some hoe made it work out, there was also other people beside the guy with the glasses and the Afro, so very cramped in.






I would say that my area was definitely a Dub, I found out that a lot of people dont know a lot about baseball and they want to learn which is the whole thing about my Podcast, if you want to learn more about my podcast then just click this link and it will take you there. https://open.spotify.com/show/55Y4XFsplqNSPVR6ADRqlw?si=yPoqzcjkTDWOe4xtLEUVQA

anyways thanks for reading blud.

Atomic Habits

So today we are going to talking about the book called Atomic habits by James Clear 

The Start

He year ago I was reading and to understand a book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I remember I was confused when I was reading it, I could tell there were a lot of things that would be beneficial to practice, but at the same time I knew I would never stick to them, which I never really did. Oppsie

SO imagine my surprise, when I saw we would have another project focused on a book that has the word habits in the title. So anyways the point of this project was to remember key points from ‘The 7 Habits’ and learn from “Atomic Habits’ to answer the driving question: “How does balance in my life create opportunities?”. I began this project by being confusion because I think I missed the first day and nobody explained to me what we were doing. It took me a while to figure out everything and by that time the class had pretty much moved on. So not a great start. Anyways there were a few TED talk videos with this guy Shawn Achor as the presenter. The TED talk’s were a bit weird to me it took me along time for me to get it , and to be honest I only remembered a few important phrases and explanations. After this period, the most distinct part of this project were the different days associated with a different act / action. Exercise, Journaling, Meditation, Gratitude, and a Random Act of Kindness are all things we did on different days of the week. We would do these most days of every week, for about 2-3 weeks before PLP 10 left for Florida.

The Book  

Atomic Habits was  The 7 Habits, just in a more confusing form.

I say this because it’s split up into 4 individual sections, whereas I was less organized.  

“4 laws of behavioural change”.

  1. Make it obvious: utilize time and location cues to always remember to accomplish an habit.
  2. Make it attractive: positive-association with habits makes it more enjoyable to accomplish.
  3. Make it easy: The point is practice, not planning. Repetition is the best way to do this.
  4. Make it satisfying: It’s also important to celebrate and find reward after success, as a motivator. 

The steps are pretty self-explanatory. In comparison, here are the 7 habits:

  1. Be Proactive 
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Put first things first
  4. Think Win-win
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the saw

The reason it failed was because of two reasons. I didn’t commit Florida. I simply didn’t give myself enough time, and I wasn’t specific enough in my plan. And the Florida trip just kind of came through and messed everything up, interrupting the reading schedule I had. 

Driving Question 

Anyways, for the driving question: “How does balance in my life create opportunities?”.  I think that there are two important, and very different parts in any work: what needs to get done, and how it’s going to get done, and I feel like its good to separate the two, or else they could get intertwined and it could get confusing. Some of the work I did on the 7 Habits and Atomic Habits became confusing to me after a while, maybe because the work I needed to get done was literally the process. But when you can balance these two properly, that is when you can use both the work and the process, to accomplish whatever you need to do, and things open for diffentt things in your life. 

Anyways guys thank you from this time just reading have a great day 

Florida Documentary

Hello everyone welcome back to another blog post this ones about what the whole main about going to Florida if you read the one before you know I went to Florida, but if your reading this for the first time I went to Florida. 

The start

So the start of the project was going over the start of Walt Disney and Disney land and world. At the start we made craft Documents called templates and we had to make a template about basically everything we learned at the start. I think one of the best parts of the start of this project was doing the book reading as a class we had to make fleeting notes about the little facts we heard and the important stuff as well. “LIFE” was the book name I highly recommend it if thou want to learn about Walt. I found that when I went to Disney world I new everything that Walt built and it just changed my aspect on Disney. Before we went to Florida we made are groups and picked the main thing we wanted to do, my group was all about Animatronics another group was about the cast members Im pretty sure. So obviously are main focus of are documentary is filming about talking about the very cool animatronics in Disney World. Of course we did not go to Florida just with nothing in are head, so my job was to get B-roll but there might have been a bit of a mistake on my part and the communication with my group, but I filmed maybe like half of my B-roll in hamburger style and not hotdog style so I could only send like half. But anyways are plan was to film literally all the animatronic but then bring it down to a couple of animatronics to talk about. In the video that you will see there are like old clips and Walt talking that was already planned before the trip took place. So there was a lot of planning going on but also it was easier to just film everything then put it all together. 


So there is not much stuff to talk about when we where is Florida because for me my whole mission was to film B-roll yes interviews or nothing just strictly B-roll of Animatronics. So animatronics if you don’t know are machines that can talk move and act like the specific thing but it is not, Im pretty sure that Walt was one of the first people that came up with the Animatronics and used them in the way that he used them. The start of the animatronics where the Enchanted Tiki room at animal kingdom, this was a idea because he was going to New Orleans and saw a talking bird in a cage and sparked the idea of making a dinner with Animatronic birds, but then Walt realized that the creation was to good for a dinner and bumped the price up 30 cents or whatever and made it a attraction. Then one of the more classics at the Park is the Haunted mansion at Magic Kingdom, this was the first time they used projected animatronics and made them sort of like an special Effect but felt like real life. At first we wanted to use the Haunted Mansion as a part of are Project, the the teacher said that it was not convenient to film in because of so dark and not really the animatronics that we where doing for are project. 

The video 



The main Idea   

So the main Idea in this project was Yes to film and talk about the animatronics but also to show how far Disney has came from the Tiki room being the best to then having a million dollar animatronic that you only saw for a couple of seconds. If you watch the video you will see at the start it is a montage of the start of the Disney castle from years to years, starting from the oldest to the youngest. Then there was certain sections will be talk to a different and animatronics from Lincoln to the baby Groot that is in creation. 

Thank you guys for watching and reading today hope you guys enjoyed.

Trend Video Post

Hello everyone today is the day I am taking about my trip to Florida and the trend videos I made while I was there and travelling there, and how I got prepared.

What are trend videos?

Well trend videos are like TikTok that have blowup this example I saw these 3-4 guys literally filmed each other eating Culver’s and said if they like it gas or they don’t like it they say ass. It shows that these little things can go viral even if it’s as stupid as filming each other eating food. The trend videos that we had to do where all about the experience at Disney world and the things we did. The ideas I had where a travelling video, a packing video, eating video, room tour, throw up or blowup. We had to come up with these videos obviously before the trip and you had to write on what you are doing the details in video have to be. (Example of the notability thing). 


This is a little side thing to this blog post. Im just going to be taking about the Florida trip and adding some photos and just really telling you my experience so if you don’t what to know about my trip you can skip this section. So the “start” of this trip was very crazy, we started by waking up at like 3 in the morning to try and actually go to Florida but the flight got canceled because of “weather” which was kind of bull Sh#% because the weather was 10x better then it was when we actually got the go to leave Vancouver to go Florida. After that we said bye bye to west jet and went onto Delta which had free wifi that literally saved my life because I would have been so bored watching the Pirates of the Caribbean the whole time. We had a short stop into Salt Lake City for like an hour then went back into the air to finally go into Florida. 

After we landed we got all of are stuff and went through security and all that, then got he best thing ever in Chick-fil-A, but there was something wrong with this one it had the old fashion logo and did not have the same taste as the others ones I have had. Anyways after we had Dinner we got onto like a team bus type thing an had maybe like an hour bus drive to are hotel which was very sick, the hotel was called All Star Sports Hotel it had giant sport equipment and all of that. All star sports hotel  

Then after that we woke up bright and early to get to the rope drop at Magic Kingdom at frickin 6:30 but it was fun the only thing was at the start of the day we got a little bit of the stomach bug you could say and it was not pretty for the Disney world janitors thats all imma say. After that day was basically filming and going on rides for the project that I will write another blog post about the video I’m in the making. Day 2 was going to a water park called Blizzard Beach, the cool thing was about the Blizzard beach it was still part of Disney world so it had all the same cool details and all of that. 

After that those days where kind of the same as the ones form the last from just going to parks  and going on the rides and getting videos for the big project we did. I would say my favourite part of this field study was going to Kennedy Space centre, when I was a kid I really liked space and all of that so going there was sick to see all of the space ships and the Astronaut Hall of fame and see stuff that actually went into space. 

Trend Videos 

Throw up or blow up 

This was my favourite Trend video I did because it was with my dear friend Landon Gonzalez where we ate food and then went onto a intense ride and then filmed each other after the ride and before are ride. 

Packing ASMR video 

This video was inspired by seeing all the TikTok’s on my For You page and being so satisfied when you hear the food going into the pantry or packing stuff in stuff. So I just filmed me slamming my clothes and toiletries to make sort of a satisfying video. 

Travel with me 

This one Is not my favourite but it will work I wish I got more film of me going to the airport and a better in the air filming but over all it was not bad. 

Room tour

So this was not are first Idea when we thought of a room tour we were thing that we where going to do like GQ house tour type ting but instead we just did sort of a b-roll type room tour 

What I eat at Disney World 

This one was a very viral TikTok trend a while back where they literally just film there self eating and it gets like a million views so I got inspired from that. 

Thank you for watching guys.