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Hello everyone today is the day I am taking about my trip to Florida and the trend videos I made while I was there and travelling there, and how I got prepared.

What are trend videos?

Well trend videos are like TikTok that have blowup this example I saw these 3-4 guys literally filmed each other eating Culver’s and said if they like it gas or they don’t like it they say ass. It shows that these little things can go viral even if it’s as stupid as filming each other eating food. The trend videos that we had to do where all about the experience at Disney world and the things we did. The ideas I had where a travelling video, a packing video, eating video, room tour, throw up or blowup. We had to come up with these videos obviously before the trip and you had to write on what you are doing the details in video have to be. (Example of the notability thing). 


This is a little side thing to this blog post. Im just going to be taking about the Florida trip and adding some photos and just really telling you my experience so if you don’t what to know about my trip you can skip this section. So the “start” of this trip was very crazy, we started by waking up at like 3 in the morning to try and actually go to Florida but the flight got canceled because of “weather” which was kind of bull Sh#% because the weather was 10x better then it was when we actually got the go to leave Vancouver to go Florida. After that we said bye bye to west jet and went onto Delta which had free wifi that literally saved my life because I would have been so bored watching the Pirates of the Caribbean the whole time. We had a short stop into Salt Lake City for like an hour then went back into the air to finally go into Florida. 

After we landed we got all of are stuff and went through security and all that, then got he best thing ever in Chick-fil-A, but there was something wrong with this one it had the old fashion logo and did not have the same taste as the others ones I have had. Anyways after we had Dinner we got onto like a team bus type thing an had maybe like an hour bus drive to are hotel which was very sick, the hotel was called All Star Sports Hotel it had giant sport equipment and all of that. All star sports hotel  

Then after that we woke up bright and early to get to the rope drop at Magic Kingdom at frickin 6:30 but it was fun the only thing was at the start of the day we got a little bit of the stomach bug you could say and it was not pretty for the Disney world janitors thats all imma say. After that day was basically filming and going on rides for the project that I will write another blog post about the video I’m in the making. Day 2 was going to a water park called Blizzard Beach, the cool thing was about the Blizzard beach it was still part of Disney world so it had all the same cool details and all of that. 

After that those days where kind of the same as the ones form the last from just going to parks  and going on the rides and getting videos for the big project we did. I would say my favourite part of this field study was going to Kennedy Space centre, when I was a kid I really liked space and all of that so going there was sick to see all of the space ships and the Astronaut Hall of fame and see stuff that actually went into space. 

Trend Videos 

Throw up or blow up 

This was my favourite Trend video I did because it was with my dear friend Landon Gonzalez where we ate food and then went onto a intense ride and then filmed each other after the ride and before are ride. 

Packing ASMR video 

This video was inspired by seeing all the TikTok’s on my For You page and being so satisfied when you hear the food going into the pantry or packing stuff in stuff. So I just filmed me slamming my clothes and toiletries to make sort of a satisfying video. 

Travel with me 

This one Is not my favourite but it will work I wish I got more film of me going to the airport and a better in the air filming but over all it was not bad. 

Room tour

So this was not are first Idea when we thought of a room tour we were thing that we where going to do like GQ house tour type ting but instead we just did sort of a b-roll type room tour 

What I eat at Disney World 

This one was a very viral TikTok trend a while back where they literally just film there self eating and it gets like a million views so I got inspired from that. 

Thank you for watching guys. 

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