T-Pol 2023

Hello everyone welcome to my 2nd T-Pol, of many more, I will be reflecting on every PLP class and telling you how I grew and fell as a leaner.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

Reflecting on my courses 

Maker, Humanities, PGP


PGP was a new class for me this year and it really was an enjoyable class learning about marketing and finances, the best part in my opinion would be learning things about Collage life and what to take and all of that stuff Because I was and still very lost on what to take in university/collage, which is not bad right now because I’m only going into grade 11 but I should definitely be learning more about collage classes and stuff. The way we learned the life of a collage student and what classes was recommend for are specific liking as in and all that was from my blueprint.

After the MyBluePrint stuff we got into marketing yourself by doing first are resumes which I mean is really just a resume having your work ethic and your experience also your skills. Then shortly after all the resume talk we made some business cards where basically its juts a way cooler and smaller version of the resume. It was so cool that we actual presented that at the exhibition this past week.

“F.A.I.Ls” and Successes 


– Creating Quality Work

– Enjoying and Understanding the topic to Succeed

– Learning more about the topic at hand


– Scheduling

– Organizing

– Not managing sports and school work

Like I said up top my most proud work of this PGP Class was maybe not work but is was understanding how collage classes work and trying to see what jobs fits my likings. So my work on that part was good but just now knowing what things interest me in


This Year maker was a very fun and interesting class, we had a new teacher this year In Ms.Kadi which was awesome also a very interesting sub situation where it feels like we had so many subs in this semester juts in Maker which was fine but little weird. I really liked the change from just the per focus of D.I. (Destination imagination) because I really just going to be real I really did not like that there was ups and downs in D.I. But I just liked the main focus on the class. So 2 project that very made me love Maker was the 3 trend videos and the Podcast, even though the podcast was very hard to first get into I just like saying that I have a Podcast now.


Yes Maker was fun But there was Ups and Downs.

F.A.I.Ls and Successes


– Having Fun every class

– Learned new tech skills

– Created Quality work


– Classes where a Bit confusing (only with Subs)

– Off task with Buddies

– couple outlasting Assignments

The Best and most fun Work I did was the 3 trend videos.  I literally went to Florida not just for that but just a little add on. I was having fun doing that work with my friends and it just fun making videos as well. My favourite Video to create was the Throwup or Blowup video I did with Landon it was just pure Comedy there.


The biggest and most popular to talk about Humanities (English and Social Studies). This Humanities class was very fats paced to me this year I felt like there was a new Project every 2 weeks which I felt like was not a bad thing moving quick through each one made it less boring and me way more un top of things. Which made me way more on top of homework.

F.A.I.Ls and Successes 


– On top of Work

– Having fun doing the things I liked to do

– Maintaining a specific Grade Level


– Going Jump start on Starts of the Project

– Maintaining missed days

– Organizing

Humanities to me was a great year for me my Favourite Project would definitely be the Power of Imagination. Why you ask well we went to Frickin FLORDIA to film and do are project which is still crazy to me, the project we had to do was make a documentary on a certain part about disney, my group decided to do animatronics in Disney World, so we flew out to film and make are awesome documentary and also make the trend videos that we did for maker

My Demonstration of Revision

I felt like this year stood out to me the most by being locked in on having a good project or work to hand in and not just lallygagging like I did in past years. I think My grades also make this year stand out having a sun in I think every class besides Math but we don’t talk about math. This year I also found it easy to work on multiple project at the same time with having less homework, due to being locked in on having work done on time to focus on other things. I haves also demonstrated how to take the revisions probably and make my work better. I found that most the time If I want to do the work I find myself really into school but if there is a project where is Bohrs me then I feel like I start to not Lock In.

I think the best Way to describe my year in 2 words would be “locked In” 



Thank you for listening to my presentation!

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