Hi, I’m Declan I am a high school student from B.C. Canada. I really like skateboarding, I am not very good at it but I really enjoy it and I’m going to make this blog post for it. Normally I write these posts for my school classes, I’m in a program called PLP It is a “project based learning program, we learn about the world and how it works. We use iPads to help us learn and we all have our own blog pages. Right now we are doing a blogging challenge with our teacher Ms. Maxwell . We are learning how to embed contents like: links, PDF’s YouTube videos and photos into our blogs. To do this we are writing a post on anything we like and add in some content.

I’m writing this on skateboarding because I like skating and I like to talk about it.

There are a lot of different skateboard magazines and it is my dream to be featured in one.

A new book

In the magazines they do all these crazy things that I can’t do like big flips down stairs and long grinds on park benches and it is really entertaining. I also like entertaining people so If I could do that and skate it would be pretty cool.

That is the Thrasher magazine video and I think it is pretty cool.

thanks for reading. -Declan

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