Hello! My name is Evelyn and this is my about me page!

 You have reached the about me page! If you were looking for something else then you can click out, but if your visit was intentional then welcome! Here you will learn about how my mind works in it’s interesting or concerning ways. I will also be talking about some of my personal learning but this page is permanent so this isn’t a blog post but a page. I might update it though the years but it might stay the same for awhile so some of this might not be recent.

 I am currently a PLP student and I’m set to graduate in 2027 (hopefully.) I am a rower in the Seycove rowing academy. In my spare time I enjoy  doing art, watching YouTube, writing, hiking and playing games. In my spare time I DO NOT enjoy  getting attacked by my terrifying bird and doing chores.


Bellow I will show a collage of things that I like or that are part of who I am. Some of the things include:





-Bubble Tea




And many more.  We did this assignment to show what we’re interested in and to show our Keynote skills. We used instant alpha and experimenting with shadows to build our comprehension of Keynote.

it was copyright so i had to take it down because i love having money

We also made another about me Keynote project but this one showed our animation skills:

Shows that I like:


  • The umbrella academy
  • The owl house
  • Empires
  • The Witcher
  • The lord of the rings
  • Maze runner
  • Scream
  • Enola Holmes

Books that I like:


  • Land of Stories
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Owls in the Family
  • Harry Potter
  • A Tale of Magic
  • Děti z Bullerbynu
  • Adventures in Solitude

Sports that I like:

  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Climbing
  • Diving

I also like playing Risk and Apples to Apples. I love talking about all the categories above and warning I will often get carried away with talking about it. My favourite animal is the sea slug. I know it sounds like a boring animal but TRUST me they are the best things in the entire world! Just look down and see my amazing drawing of their amazingness.

So because of my incredible obsession with sea slugs I will list a couple of facts:

  • Some sea slugs eat prey that contains poison. Instead of killing them, this animal stores the poison and releases it as protection against predators.
  • All sea slugs contain both male and female organs. So, when they mate with another animal they both release eggs.
  • Sea slugs are colour blind.
  • There are more then 3000 species of sea slugs, and at least 500 of them are found at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  • Sea slugs are also known as nudibranches, which means naked gills in Latin. (nuda branchiae)
  • The Leaf sheep (costasiella kuroshimae) is one of many sea slugs that use photosynthesis. (The green sheep-looking one in my collage

Thank you for reading my about me page and I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog!