The mPOL is a reflection on our work and what kind of learner we are from the first half of the year and how we can improve in the next half. So here’s my reflection:

The good things:

Works I’m most proud of:

One of the works I’m most proud of is my Star Wars inquiry because I think I learned a lot by having a discussion with a real architect. I also think the discussion was better because I had done things with him in the past. I really liked the way I presented it and I think everyone else did too.

Another work I an proud of is the religion infographic we made. I’m proud of it because of how we revised and improved it when it was critiqued and because we did that so well it turned out really nicely.

The things I found most interesting:

One of the things I found most interesting was walking around on the beaches and being on the boat on the Oregon field study with Ms. Klausen because she was explaining everything we saw and what it does.


The not so good things:

Things I struggled with was:

One of the things I struggled with the most was some parts of our mindset unit where we had to write paragraphs in class and they had to be done by the end of class. I struggled with this because I don’t like writing and I’m really bad at it and when I’m doing something like that and I know I’m not gong to finish so I feel pressure to finish and when I look at other peoples work they’ve written two paragraphs and I’ve written a sentence. Then it just ends up being worse.

Another thing that I struggled with is writing and stuff in noisy places. I just can’t get my work done that well in noises places. But if I’m working with someone it doesn’t effect me as much.

Times I have been dissatisfied with:

I haven really had a project that has dissatisfied me yet mostly just little thing like Loosing five instant challenges in a row in DI and knowing we probably could have done better. Also when I’m doing something and I see something that I could fix and improve but it can be frustrating not having enough time or its too late to change it. One more thing I sometimes struggle with is I sometimes have to ask the teacher to explain how to do the math several times.

Me as a learner:

I think I’m a very visual and hands on learner. So I like to go on field studies and creating visuals like the ads for Oregon and the religion infographics. An example of a hands on project I liked is the door project we did in math.

The door project

I much prefer visual learning than reading and writing learning. I don’t mind novel studies as long as its a good book and the work sheets are good as well. For example the highest tide was not a very good book and the work sheets weren’t that good either but the novel studies were doing now the book is much more exciting and the work sheets are much better.

When I’m taking notes I prefer to take sketch notes instead of typing or writing them.

That was my midterm presentation of learning, I think we have to do another one at the end of the year.


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