Exponent Games

For the last little while in Math we have been learning about exponents. My partner for this unit was Keira. The main project for this unit was we had to create a card game that included at least three of the exponent laws. The first thing we did for this unit was learn the exponent laws: 

When we started to create our game the two main things we had to think about were the rules and the visuals of our games. The big idea behind our game was bankruptcy so the objective of our game was to be less in debt than your opponents. As for the visuals we went for a simple and clean look We took some inspiration from Cards Against Humanities. This is our game:

For this post we are also supposed to touch on at least four of the Curricular Competencies.

1. Demonstrate and apply mental math strategies: I think we definitely used this because in almost all games you don’t have a calculator so you have to do it in your head.

2. Develop, demonstrated and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving: It’s very obvious where we did that because we are making and playing games that use math.

3. Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms: we did this when we created our card by figuring out how to put the math concepts on our cards.

4. Use mathematical arguments to support personal choices: we definitely did this a lot because when your playing a game you have to make choices and in games you usually have a response to why you did.

As we always do in Scimatics we made a unit start/end mind map. The unit end part is in red:

In conclusion this was a really fun project I thought in was a really cool way to learn these concepts.

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