Impact Exhibition!!

Wooooo! Welcome back to my blog! Im gonna be honest I have like no motivation to write a blog right now, Its 2 in the morning, and Im pretty behind so I guess I should just write it.. but thats okay because this exhibition was awesome. 

Its the end of the year. Which means, TPOL’s. Ohhh and exhibitions. I dont even know where to start when it comes to the Impact exhibition.. so much happened so fast! I do kinda have an idea though… 

(queue eerie music) 

Once upon a time in Seycove Secondary, a brave and courageous group of grade 9’s created an awesome story about the PBL pathway and showed it to the grade- 

Yeah this isn’t going to work. 

So the grade 9’s created a pretty awesome story about the PBL pathway, and presented it to the grade 8’s, so we could start actually building the story. The group that I got was Outside The Classroom. So this was projects or activities we did outside of the classroom! (Hence the name). So things like the Loon Lake learning advance, and the advertisement project. 

Right after we finished our last humanities project we were able to start. The grade 9’s made a document in Basecamp that included all of our ideas. There was also a map, that looked like this:

This map showed where everyone was gonna go, and where they would be explaining what we did outside of the classroom. Kira and I were able to choose a tableau! When we were in Loon Lake, we played a game of Laser Tag. So Kira and I did a Tableau about laser tag. It was really fun to do! We made headbands, and we used water guns as our laser guns. 

A few days before the echibition we started building and printing things like our advertisments, backdrops, clouds, and decorations that helped us tell our story. One of the activities that we included was a rope ferry! Just like the one in Loon Lake. 


On the night of the exhibition we stayed after school to clean out all of the classrooms and set up the exhibition! This took quite awhile as we had to pay very close attention to the map to make sure evrything was in the right places. We took things like fake plants and put them around the room to make it look like its more outside. We also put up mountain backdrops to give off an outdoors vibe. I really liked how it looked. 

Soon after we were done setting up we were able to go downstairs for pizza! Since we were gonna be at school till like 8pm, we were able to eat a pizza diner. All of the grade 8’s and 9’s went into the cafeteria and ate a big meal. It was awesome.

Shortly after that we went back upstairs and we were ready to let the people in! There were tons of people that came in. It was pretty scary at first but soon after we started to get used to it. When we were done we put everything away, put the classrooms back together, and went home after that lonngggg night. I gotta tell you. That night was very long, and I was very tired of standing for so long. I did have a really good sleep after that though. 

Thank you for reading my blog! I had tons of fun writing it and looking back on the awesome night that I had. Have a good day! 

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