Pictures and copyright

Photos are moments in time caught in images by cameras and devices. People can share these photos with each other but the people who didn’t take the picture can only share it or use it when they receive permission from the original author. This idea is called copyright. It’s an idea because there isn’t anyone to really enforce it. If I were to post something that’s copyright I will most likely not get fined, you only know my first name. You can’t find me. The worst someone in the USA or America could do is report my post for copyright material and get me kicked from this page. The only people who could do something are the people who know me personally and they wouldn’t do much either.

How many of you would report a copyright image?

My guess is zero to five. Why would you? It’s not your problem and is just a waste of your time. The system only works if people are there to re-enforce it and there is no copyright police for that. You’ve most likely, sometime in your lives have posted something copyright. You don’t want to get in treble either. Copyright is an idea and ideas need re-enforcements to work.

I’m going to put in a series of images. You have to guess if they’re copyright.                 .                                     

Now for a poem about copyright!

copy and paste?

thats my taste.


not this night!

You and I have broken this rule,

Knowing about copyright,

its something we learn in school,

and it’s something right,

but for it we don’t fight,

there’s no copyright knight.

but there’s still copyright.

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