Today it is all about Emojis! The first emoji were created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita. Β The original 176 emojis were mostly symbols.

Some were informative but some emoji made it possible to add emotional context to a message.

First emoji was only available on computer. Apple added an official emoji keyboard in 2011 and Android in 2013.

Since 2015 you can change the skin colour on emoji and you can find all types of people and cultures and recently gender neutral emoji was added.


Using emojis is fun and emojis are still being developed.

Ok, I have now some fun riddles for you.


Guess the country!

Click here to see a quiz/video where you have to guess which country the emojis stand for!


Fun Math!

Do a math quiz to test your skills and IQ.







Do you know who this is?

Of course, it’s me!

I had fun with this post!

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