Renaissance To Now


This project was about how the move from elementary school to high school was like the Renaissance. First we learned a bit about the Renaissance. We learned about how the power which the church had was slowly given to rulers and also about the string of discoveries that led to new technology and people seizing to believe that life was just the path you take to either go to heaven or hell. After we learned about the Renaissance we started work on the assignment which was what the project would revolve around until its end, the song. For the song we had to replace the lyrics of REMs It’s the End of the World As We Know It with text about how high school was compared to how we expected it, expectation VS reality. If you’ve ever heard it you’d know that the lyrics of It’s the End of the World As We Know It you’d know that the singing is as so fast it’s like rap, so I really struggled with it.

The main part of this project was the song. I was alright at making the lyrics to the song but wasn’t that good at singing it with its fast beat. So I got past the fast beat by singing it at 75% speed. That was good until i found out it has to be fast. So I tried to record it while singing as fast as the song but I can’t sing that fast and my voice just sounds like gibberish along with the fact that my voice was flat. I had made the lyrics before I recorded so my lyrics weren’t on beat. To get around that I changed the lyrics so that they would fit the song. It was very good and I could sing it at 75% speed. The problem with it then when it needed to be faster was that I couldn’t sing the lyrics as fast as demanded. So then after all the struggle I decided that I’d just re-record my singing until it was good. In the end I think that I re-recorded about 30 times before I just said that I will never have my recording be good enough. I also made some changes to the lyrics and added some other parts to my lyrics throughout the recording to make it easier to sing. That was the main factor that made me less able to sing the song towards the end.

Although I didn’t get the song in right away I did well on all the other parts, and as a whole the project was fun. I think that next time instead of making the song be this really fast, and hard to sing and almost rap song we should pick the song ourselves. I struggled with singing the song very much and I think that making the song something different and slower like maybe an Abba song which is easier to sing and with which you can actually sing instead of saying words as fast as possible would make the project way more enjoyable and fun. Thanks for reading, goodbye.

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