Volunteering: Being a citizen

Hello World:

What does it mean to be a citizen? Well to just be a citizen, all you really need to be is a member of a society or nation. But how about a good citizen? Good citizens don’t necessarily need to be immaculate but just by paying their taxes and buying helps cycle the economy. They contribute to society in various and one such way is to volunteer. Today in CLE, we looked at the act of volunteering and as always I have some questions to complete about it so here they are:

1) In your opinion, what are important traits or actions of a good citizen or community member?

Good citizens as stated above don’t need to be perfect and have to go out of there way to better society but rather, all someone needs to do is carry out their roles and responsibilities. Doing their job, spending time with family and everyday necessities help run society and after all society is composed of humans performing ┬átheir roles to benefit each other.

2) What are communities or causes you may want to volunteer for?

I want to volunteer at a community with either something about music, sustainability or computer science education. As these topics are my strong suits, it makes sense to volunteer at what you are good at doing.


3) What experiences would you most like to gain while volunteering?

Building relationships, connections and just understanding a work and team environment better are useful things to know and build but I specifically want to work on my communication skills so I can better my understanding of others. These are skills we can gain from volunteering and thinking you have nothing from helping others is very wrong.


4) What are challenges specifically to you, that make the prospect of volunteering difficult?

For me specifically, I live in deep cove not exactly a place full of businesses and volunteering. Transportation to the places I will volunteer at may be a problem. Another problem that may arise not just for me but for a lot of people is the time commitment. As I am a person who loves joining and has around 20 hours of extra curricular activities each week, it will be difficult to commit my volunteering job.


5) What will you do to overcome these challenges that prevent you from volunteering?

I will make sure that I find a suitable location not to far from home and something that is not a huge time commitment. I can also try and carpool with friends by joining the same volunteer work or maybe I could even try creating my volunteer club.

This post was relatively short compared to my normal posts but I think I answered to the best of my abilities. Anyways thats all so thanks for reading. Bye World.

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