The Cases Of The Nations

Hello everyone!!!!, welcome back to my blog post. Today I will be talking about my most recent project called The Case For A Nation. First I will tell you what Nationalism is. It is the pride and loyalty one feels for their country or nation sometimes to the detriment of another nation. This is what our main topic was for the six videos we made. we had to make an interview, an animatic, an explainer video, a second explainer video, a cumulative video and a reaction video.  all in just four weeks, this was difficult because we had a small amount of time to do a lot of work. 

Milestone one. 

So for this milestone, we had to interview our parents. it was not easy we had to sit our parents down and interview them. like we were a reporter. this was hard because we had to make questions are selves. My interview I think went pretty well my dad answered the questions with good strong answers. I feel I also edited the video pretty well. 

Milestone Three.

For this milestone, we had to make an animatic. A live storyboard to show a story of a certain example of nationalism. I chose the Crimean War, a war between the Ottoman Empire and Russia. It was fought over the holy land and for the power over all catholic people. So I designed my animatic to be about all of those counties having a big fight over the holy land and the countries were shown in the form of humans so face, arms and legs. I think the animation came out looking great but I need to improve it by adding audio and make the story more clear. 

Milestone Six 

We had to make a tutorial Video about British North America. So I chose to make mine by doing a drawing tutorial. I drew John A Macdonald, the first prime minister of Canada I think this video was my favourite. I love to draw, btw Blog coming soon on art. Yeah, I explained all about what John A Macdonald did and what he made which was a confederation. I mentioned the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) and the London Conference which was the conference John A signed the British North America Act. This was the start of what we know as Canada


Milestone Eight 

Milestone eight was a little different it was an explainer video. we made an explainer video about oppression and how it affected Canada. it did affect Canada a lot, to this very day Canada still has issues between the first nations and the British/french. We had to choose the Mètis French/Aboriginal/ Louis Riel or the Indian Act. I did the Mètis/ Louis Riel because I connected better to that story. I did connect well to Louis Riel and the Red River Rebellion. I enjoyed reading the textbook and learning about it. it was a cool story it also told of how Manitoba became a province of Canada. I feel I reached an accomplished level on that video. 


Milestone Nine 

Milestone nine was fun I teamed up with my friend Julien Kettmann. We made a video recapping the past four videos and I think this was my best one. It had good audio and good pictures and music. I enjoyed partnering with someone and I learned a lot of good video skills from this video. it was the best video so far and one to archive. 

Milestone Ten

Milestone ten was an ok video. it was similar to the first video it was an interview-style it was a Reaction Video. so I had my dad react to my cumulative video. it went well it was a little hard to not get my dog to interfere but it didn’t matter she was small enough to not mess with the camera. so I feel it came out the best it could for the time and resources I had to make it. 

The Competencies Of Learning 

Number One: 

Designing text: I think I achieved this Competency because of how many times I had to do it. it was a very big one and I did a lot of designing during this project. Ex. tutorial Video and Interview were the two I feel I showed the best of this competency. 

Number Two:

Empowered Learner: I achieved this competency. I used the techniques I had to my advantage using tons of different apps to build knowledge. Ex. Tutorial Video and Animatic Video. these are my best uses of the technology I had I edited a lot in the tutorial and I used Keynote tons in the animatic. 

Number Three:

Continuity and change: ok, I didn’t do the best when it came to continuity and change. the best example I have of this competency is my tutorial video. in my tutorial, I identified continuity and change of the Canadien Confederation. 

The Last Competency:

Evidence and resources: I did not do very well on this competency I messed up a lot of my work cited and was bad with sources but I did have good evidence from the textbook. 



                In conclusion, I feel I learned a lot from doing this ten milestone Project. I got to work individually and with a partner, I got my dad involved. I learned all about my background, my heritage. Who I am I hope everyone reading found a bit of themselves while reading this. I hope everyone reading enjoyed it, that’s it for today bye. 

Time To Make Some Frankenstuffies

Hello, it’s Josh. its the end of the first section of the school year and time to start winter break, but before I can do that I have to reflect on our final project Rise Of The Frankenstuffies. It has been tough we had little time to make this project. I still think the product came out well. so basically we had to take stuffed animals and cut them up and sew them back together. I made a bear, moose, mouse hybrid, it was very plump and very creepy. Then we had to make a character and story around that character. The final product was a video of our story which I will show you later. 

My Frankenstuffie below



Now the driving question “How do Revolutions transform the world.” This is a tough one, revolutions transform people and places drastically. They alter mindsets and environments but the world is a very broad topic. I believe they transform the world by changing people’s perspectives, ex. the Industrial Revolution. it was a time when the world was evolving, technology was only getting better and people had to adapt. Instead of farming, they became factory workers. But it also changed the world, the Japanese either had to industrialize or be conquered because of the British industrializing so fast. It also changes the ways the world thinks, travels, works and talks. So that is my answer, revolutions change the world by giving them new technology and ideas as well as altering the mindset and lifestyle of citizens.

Now for the competencies, there is a lot for this project. 

Number one: “Creative Communicator,” I think I did very well on being a creative communicator, I communicated my ideas creatively in my short story and film. I showed my thoughts in the most creative ways I could. I used animation and photos in my video and I used historical events in my short story. I was creative, along with being innovative. 

Next Competency, “Designing Texts.” 

Designing text, crafting dialogue, making stories and write blog posts. In all of these, I had to craft what I wanted to say. To reflect my topic and story, to say and get my topic across to the readers. I designed my text in every paragraph and story. So I believe I have achieved accomplished in designing text. 

Next Competency, “Comprehending Texts.”

We did a lot of reading on this project. We had to read four short stories and a book. This links into comprehending, what we were reading. Understanding the topic and the purpose helped a lot with writing our short stories. I comprehended a lot of text during this project and it helped me a lot. I learned a lot from comprehending it. 

Next Competency, “Analyze Cause and Consequence.”

We had to analyze the causes and the consequences of the Industrial Revolution. the main cause was a change being wanted. The rich wanting to make more money while making mass production. The consequences of that were death, trade unions and public education. The last and final consequence was the world we live in today the technology we have at our fingertips. 

The final Competency, “Establish Historical Significance.”

We have a lot of history. Humans have been on the earth for a very long time. So how do we decide what is significant and what isn’t? Well, that is what I had to do for this project. The Industrial Revolution was one of the most significant events in history. I learned to understand what makes an event historical and what doesn’t. 

Here is the final video/ film:


I enjoyed this project, making the stuffies was so much fun. I learned a lot about editing and history. It was truly a wonderful project. This is my reflection on it. It was truly fun to do. I hope we get to do more things like this in the future. 

Storming The Barricades Part 2 (The End)

Hello this is Josh, I’m very excited to write the ending to this project called Storm The Barricade. I have two parts to this post the first one is on my blog check it out here! So I will recap the first post. It was all about the first half of are machine, the American half. This post will be about the french half, the end product and the driving question and competencies. So lets hop straight into this stuff. 


lets start off with the explanation on what I mean by french part. We had to different revolution to tie   into our machine along with Crane Brinton. The french part means are French Revolution side of are machine. So it decorated in french revolutions style decor like a Marie Antoinette wig and a guillotine. The other style was an American Revolution style machine. It had King George the III and tea to symbolize the British Empire. There was a ballon that got popped by a razor blade to symbolize the British Empire being popped by the American rebels. 

That was the first half of this project. As I mentioned before you can find that stuff above in the link. Okay on to the French side of the project. So it was all about the French Revolution. So I had Marie Antoinette as the main leader to be dethroned. She was one of the main reasons that the peasants in the French Revolution times were so mad. There was another event that started the rebellion. A raid on a Bastille a french prison and records storage. They killed one soldier and let out a lot of murderers and rapist. Are balloon which in the American one represented the Americans popping the British now represents the raid of the Bastille a very symbolic act in this revolution. We also had a hammer to walk the leader of their throne this was the guillotine. 

Now about the final product the video we had to make. We had to make a video recapping all the different variants of are machine. Crane Brinton, American Revolution and French Revolution. I would say are final video came out quite well. It had all our previous explanation videos. It had good editing and decent acting. It also had AR drawings as well. I made this video and machine with Amy and Erin my two group members. 

now to the driving question the driving question is then most important part of the project it keeps it moving forward. It’s like the engine the drive to try answer the question is what keeps the project going. 

“How do revolutions transform societies?”

This is the driving question for this project. I believe that Revolutions transform society by how the people mind sets transform and how the physical place also transforms . It starts with people not thinking about what they could have. It ends with them achieving their goal with extra consequences. For example the French Revolution the peasants didn’t know what freedom was until the french soldiers came back from war. It ended with heads rolling and Napoleon. Do you see the difference they went from not wanting violence to killing thousands due to the radicals ideas its even reflected in Crane Brinton’s Theory. The moderates just wanting then the radicals take advantage and turn things violent. That is how there mind sets transforms. The place transforms around them it gos from being peace full to being deadly and dangerous. For example the rein of terror. People who said the kings name were killed they were slain for now reason. That is how Revolutions transform places and society’s. 

                   Last but not least the competencies. They are as follow (Designing Text), (Creative Communicator) and ( Discussing, Listening and Speaking) I believe my team definitely  accomplished these competencies. We made a video that answered the driving question and wrote. I also discussed with my group before filming. Listened to my teacher and my groups ideas and spoke to my group giving ideas and conversations. I also wrote two paragraphs one about the American Revolution and one about the French Revolution. I designed my thoughts and paragraph. To fit the rubric while also being explanatory. The final thing is I communicated my ideas creatively. I said creative ideas while discussing our plan of action with my group. 

This has been josh I’m signing off everyone reading this have a lovely day Bye. 👋

Storming The Barricades Part 1 Of 2

Hello everyone I’m back for a brief blog post today called a formative post. Its a half way mark for our new project Storm The Barricade. It hasn’t been too long since I wrote one of these post. So we started a new project called Storm The Barricade. We have to make a machine and it has to describe the different phases of a revolution, and I say (have) because its still going we haven’t finished it. You people behind your screens are probably saying to your self “ then why are you writing a blog post then” well because this is a formative blog post. A mid way post in a more simpler term. 

So lets start it of with a bang. The American Revolution, what a revolution it was. Nothing like musket fire to wake up to in the morning. Nothing like throwing tea into the ocean to send a message. All jokes aside this was a very interesting revolution. So Britain vrs what is now known as America if you want a recap here it is. It all started in the 1620’s a ship called Mayflower full of pilgrims sailed from Great Britain to North America. They landed on the beach and started to build a home. They later made what was known as the 13 colonies. Even though they had sailed away from England they still were loyal to the king. Eventually they were fed up of being loyal to the king and wanted to build their own land. King George was not happy but since they were still British he started charging taxes because after the seven year war England was poor. He taxed their tea, sugar and property but taxing them was not fair because they were not represented in Britain. So they dumped the tea In to the ocean and started building an army lead by George Washington. So when the kings tax men showed up to collect they started to tar and feather the tax men and make straw fakes and burning them. Then they really had enough and actually tied the tax men up and lit them on fire. This started the American revolutions crisis stage. The king then sent soldiers to fight the Americans and take back what the land he wanted. To make a long story short the Americans won and pushed Britain out. After that the founding fathers signed and passed the Declaration of Independence and Britain left America alone. 

So we have built our machines and have done the first of two mods for the American and French revolutions. We have gotten up to the American mod. By we I mean me aka josh, Amy and Erin click on there names to see their blogs. We still have a week and by next Monday there will be another post so look out for that one. All we have really done with are mod is make it America themed. So the machine starts by a person dropping marbles into a tube that then land in a teeder todder. Which has a razor blade on one end that pops a balloon that releases a tea bag that knocks down king George the III. That releases the Declaration of Independence. That is what are machine does. That’s all for now.

Any way that is a checking on what we have been up to Bye for now. 👋

Rewinding This Remake

Hello, its Josh. I’m back writing another blog post. It has been quite some time since I was sitting in font of this keyboard. Im back because I have to reflect on this project Running A Remake which was a stressful project to say the least. So basically we had to recreate a short horror film called Run. We had to match the audio, the credits and the transitions to the original that is right bellow this intro. We also only had three days to do 90% of this project it was a very small amount of time to do something rather big.


Of course I also had a group for this project.  Simon, Ryan, Indira and Liam. 🤫 btw If you want to check them out click on their names. 

We had one Competency it was “How might I design a solution to a problem, process, or challenge?” 

I feel my group met this competency. We designed a solution to a challenge, we made a remake. We planned it out and remade the short film. In a forest right next to our school. It was not easy but we did it. It was raining half the time so we brought umbrellas to shield the camera. The main challenge we had was matching the clothing I didn’t have a grey beanie like in the short. So I had to use a teal one. However we did design our own jogging track jacket with a grey sweat shirt and tape. Thats all for the competency. 

What I Learned 

I was the main character in our remake which you can check out at the bottom of this post. I think our remake was pretty good. It had a lot in common with the original. There were some things that didn’t Match that I learned from. Number one do more area recon. We didn’t have a lot of time to find a place to shoot. So our video didn’t have the same scenery as the original. Next time I shoot a remake of a video I will make sure to do more area recon. Second thing I learned is angles are everything. When recreating something it has to look the same from setting to costume. Third thing I learned was how to edit. I did not know how to edit footage but thank to Ms. Willemse I know that now. 

This is our driving question “How Might We Learn Video Skills By Recreating A Short Film?”

I think we learned a lot of video skills during the three days this project took place. First off I mentioned this a minute ago. I leaned to edit footage in i movie. I learned how to shoot footage using clips. I learned how to act in movies which before I would have been to shy to try. By recreating this short film I have learned to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do other wise. Thanks to this very stressful project. I learned these thing from my teacher and from experiencing film making.  

Any way I hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing our remake of Run! I will most likely be back soon to write another post thats it for now. This has been Josh here with Josh’s Neat Blog  signing off for now. 👋

This Object Tells A Story


Every Object Tells A Story. What a project, we had to write a short story and We learned all about what an artifact is.  I found this assignment extremely enjoyable  once we got to writing the short story. So lets jump into the grit of this project.

It all started in the beginning of June! We were assigned a project called,  “Every Object Tells A Story!” We had to  listen to our teacher Mrs Maxwell in class as she taught us about New France. Then we had to take our knowledge and write a short story, mine was called , “The Story Of The Trade Axe!” The Artifact that inspired me to write the story was an axe from New France. The axe was used for trade. My main character is an adventurer named Max. He finds the axe and then has a flash back to the past in New France. This leads him on an adventure to find his heritage and family members grave.

Here is the ePub of the book:

Now you briefly know the storyline, and you know the premise, lets move on to the  competencies  and reflection of this post. The first thing I am going to talk about is theevidence of my learning in this project. I learned a lot about the French colonizing Canada and about New France or Quebec.
The biggest thing I learned was how to write a good short story. This is the most important part of my project., writing the short story.  I was careful with my spelling and grammer and also my wording and my tenses. I learned from it all and I am happy to say that I grew from it. The biggest evidence of this was my first draft of my story. It was poorly spelt and had bad grammer every where,  I rushed it and it made little sense. When I made my second draft the one in this post I was more carful. The most important thing I learned is how to use tenses. I watched a very good video about how to use tenses that really helped. I also think that the artifact research was crucial in allowing me to grow in my writing and history, I learned how to research well. Now it is time to move on to the competencies.
The first one is Evidence:
       Evidence is a bit hard to describe but here we go. Evidence means, how do you evaluate a historical artifact to see if it is adequate for a story” this is in my own words btw. So I chose the Trade Axe as my artifact. I think it was definitely an adequate artifact for a story it was amazing and helpful at times to write about. I think it made for a great short story.
The second is Communication:🙂
      Communicating my ideas  was hard, I feel I have done better at communicating online. I have also communicated my ideas through my short story. I made a mind node of what I wanted my story to look like. I planned and I prepped before I wrote anything. This definitely payed off in the long run My spelling was much better, I have learned that writing slower I make less mistakes. I communicated the story well in the final draft and my ideas came out well.
Here is the mind node
     My last humanities post is finished!!!!!! What a great semester it has been. I will see everyone next year.👋😁

The Ultimate, Ultimate Road Trip


So we are back, it has been a while. This time we are talking about math and budgets. So we have just finished this project called the Ultimate Road Trip. What we had to do was make a graph of are spending and a map of where we start and where we finished. We also had to make a mind map of are project at the end.

Here Is My Project End Ming Map.

So moving on from the introduction. This was a project about planning a road trip that was under $10,000 dollars in cost. Mine ended up being around $9,050. It was also about crafting your dream trip like buying expensive stuff and go to cool places. I chose to buy diamond encrusted bags and glasses and to have a Tesla. I had basic costs like hotel, car and food but I also had a PlayStation.


The Competencies

Reasoning and analyzing:

I did well on this I estimated my cost before doing the math I estimated the time It would take to write this post. It was two hours btw if you where wondering. So yes I think I did well on this competency. I analyzed my graph to see how much I spent at how many days.

Representing and communicating:

I communicated with my teacher a lot during this project. Asking how to do this math, how to Make a spread sheet. I talked to my teacher a lot as well. So yes, I communicated and represented my ideas with my teacher on what I was doing on my road trip.

Connecting and reflecting:

I connected my mathematical ideas to my road trip. I used linear relations to predict the rest of my trip. It was nice to be able to do connect math to the real world. I also reflected on my work, what I learned, what I need to learn and how far I have come.

This has been a pretty short post but I need to go and write another so I will see all you readers in the next post bye!!!!.

The End, Its Time For A Tpol

Hello everyone who reads my posts. This is a special post it’s about my Tpol. A Tpol is a “transitional -presentation- of-learning”. So this is very important, I missed my Mpol due to stupid timeline issues. So I want to nail this one. So I am preping a lot in advance to make sure I don’t mess up. I have mapped out my presentation, rewrote my blog post twice, went over my concepts and evidence twice. This should help me get a good outcome and nail this.  So lets get into the evidence of my learning and why believe I should be able to pass to grade 9

Quickly before we get into the evidence I would like to acknowledge the Driving Question:

(Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade)

Ok evidence number one

#1 Destination Imagination

DI or Destination Imagination was amazing having a whole class room of people watching you perform a skit, its ego boosting. The reason I believe this is number one is becuase of how much work I put into the skit. Costumes, backdrop, planning, I was doing it all I helped With 70% of the project along with Logan and Dries check them out. They will be posting a post exactly like this one on their blogs as well. So yes I believe this a huge piece of evidence towards growing as a PLP learner

DI regionals post: here

#2 Scimatics Pythagorean theory project

So this was kind of a two part project. It was done alongside maker but for this post I will just focus on the scimatics side of it. So for this project we had to build a Star Wars ship, my group chose the Millennium Falcon. My group consisted of Nate and Annie, sorry I could not find Nate’s blog. So we used hot glue and cardboard to make this ship. Btw here check out the blog post I wrote about it, it should explain a lot more about the project. So this helped me grow as a learner by teaching me how to keep track and plan my work. It also taught me how easy it is to build something with limited resources.


#3 The Ultimate Road trip 

This project dug a tiny bit into variables in mathematic equations. This project used graphing, mapping, budgeting and linear relations. We have just finished this one and it is my last project of my year of grade 8, for scimatics. It was really fun and taught me a lot about how to use variables and make algebraic equations (the equations for algebra). It also taught me how to make good spread sheets and how to budget sums of money into category’s.

.Sorry no blog post yet I will update it when I write it.

#4 The Star Wars Mini Blue Sky Project 

This is the other half of the second piece of evidence, for this we got to build a piece of the star wars universe. We got to chose something out of Star Wars. A problem, a solution for a problem or even a artsy still project like star wars food. I chose how Star Wars ships operate becuase I was curious but we ended up doing a whole star wars planet, I was part of the Tatooine team. So I learned a lot like preparation and how to manipulate lighting, but the most important thing was planning.

Blog Post here 


#5 Argh Matey

This project was one of my personal favourites. Mainly becuase I got to draw a lot. So for this project it was for two subjects humanities and scimatics. We had to make a comic book about an explorer and a virus. I chose Martin Frobisher and Small Pox becuase I found them the most interesting. This taught me how to tell a story and map out a story.

Blog Post here


#6 The Power Of The Apple Pencil 

This is another of my favourite projects becuase of getting to draw for most of it. It was really nice to learn some art techniques. We made a logo, name art and sketches and learnt how apple pencil’s work check it out here. ———>here <——— I learned from this how to handle an Apple Pencil on a screen instead of paper and how to take art slow. I use those to things to this day when drawing with sharpie, pencil and my apple pencil.


#7 The End Of The World As We Know It 

This project is at the bottom of the evidence list for one reason. I didn’t learn a lot from it, I learned about the Renaissance. That was it though it was a little boring as well but I learned one thing important. Its that art can tell a story all the art and sculptures from the renaissance tell a story and show a bit of the creators personality.

Blog Post Here

That is going to be it for my blog post thank all you readers out their for sticking with me for this long it has truly been amazing. Gtg I need to edit this blog before publishing it I will See all of you on the next post bye, ps. I have really enjoyed this chance to grow as a learner and see every angle of the world and its history and discovery’s and I thank Mrs Willamse and Mr Hughes fro arranging and making it all possible.

Being A Witness To History

Hello It has definitely been a while since my last maker blogpost. Lets start this on with a bang. So I am a 100% sure everyone reading this knows what the Corona Virus is. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Corona Virus is a deadly air spreading virus that basically is very dangerous. Many people in different country’s around the world have died or come down with the Corona Virus. So we have been stuck in our homes for two months. Lots of time on our hand, bored and have no jobs or school. This project ties into the pandemic so lets get into the meat of it.

So this project is called Witness To History as the title would suggest. So we were tasked with going out into parks and city’s and taking different photos at different angles. We took these basic photos and made a photo essay. I will show the end product at the end of this post.

Milestone one

was a interview a community member. I chose my cousin Max Gagan, he is one of my oldest cousins. He has been the only one of them that has been talking with me about this pandemic. He is the most mature which is why I chose him. He gave good answers and had a steady pace through the interview.

This is Max he is 15 this is a photo he provided willingly. I also had a theme for my essay it was “family apart because of the virus”. This is the main reason I chose him.

The other important milestone is the story board. That we did before making the photo essay. We had to draw out the photos before taking them. This help us picture what we wanted the photos to look like. Then we went to the places we drew and took the photos and added filters.

The driving question was “how can we, photojournalists tell a story during this time of physical distancing”. We can tell a story through pictures and videos but in this case just pictures. We can Arrange photos and titles to show a pattern and theme. This is how we can tell a story



So this project was nice and pretty fun to do. It is kind of sad that it is over but that is how thing change one thing starts another finishes. I believe I did a good job on this project and hope I get to take photos again for another project in the future. That’s all from me I will see all you readers on the next post, bye.

And as promised my essay

The Adventures Of Comic Books

Hi there, I have risen from the dead to write again, just kidding!  You are probably thinking,  not another blog post but yes, another blog post. Over the past two months we have been plagued with a virus that I am sure everyone knows about, The Corona Virus or Covid-19🦠 if you prefer. It is the same virus and that is what inspired my teachers, Mrs Maxwell and Mr Gross to assign us this joint project called “Argh Matey” So lets get into the meat of this project, strap yourself in this is going to be an info. filled post.

So in April my two teachers who’s names are above, started a project called “Argh Matey” They were inspired to do so by the Corona Virus. This project consisted of history and cell science but I will discuss that later. So by now I think you all know what I am referring to when I say “Milestone” or a basic building block of knowledge for our projects.This is what I will show you so that you can see what we have been doing over that past two months. Oh, I forgot to mention what the end product is well that will have to be a surprise for the end. We also had a big idea and a mind map at the beginning here that are

Big Idea: life is processed at a cellular level

driving question: what is the significance of global expansionism, how do cells and diseases interact

the Mind Map for scimatics:


Osmosis Jones, Osmosis Jones is a movie from 2001, it tells the story of a body cop who used to be famous and well known. After a few slip ups he is forced to guard the most boring part of the body, the mouth. In doing so he gets carried away and ends up chasing bacteria from the mouth down through the body causing a power shortage. That releases a virus that almost destroys the body. So this was an example of what they wanted our project to look like. I cant wait, I made a comic book, yes, a comic book, I drew all of my comic books drawings and I am very proud of them. So we had to do X-ray panels in our comic book showing the inside of our explorers body.


So for mile stone two all we really had to do was read comic books, it was as simple as that. Then we had to mark down things like the style of the comic book, the art, the colours. This was easy and started us on the path towards creating our comic books.We had to read at least 3 or more if you wanted. My dad had a collection that he let me read so I was able to find quite a lot of ideas for mine. I really liked Black Panther. I really liked the art and drawings in the comics And it inspired me to get started.



Khan academy is a great platform but it is a bit difficult to use. We learned all about the cells that make up the body by watching videos and taking notes. We learned what the difference between animal cells and plant cells are, and that cells have a nucleus. We also learned all the different parts of a cell and their names.


There was also the competencies for this project:

The first competency is Establishing Historical Significance for Humanities. Basically this meant that we had to do a heck of a lot of research about are explorer. My explorer was Sir Martin Frobisher he was a British explorer around the 1500s. He found the Northern Passage and found the land that we now know as Labrador. I believe I accomplished this competency with my comic book. I have several references to Frobisher’s accomplishments. I believe the important parts about Frobisher are his journey and his back story. Those are the reasons he is well know for his adventure, he found Labrador and the northern passage.

The second competency for scimatics is communicating I completed this competency by talking with my teachers a lot through iMessages. To get my project as good as it could possibly be. So we used communication to talk about the project, we also used scientific language in our comics like, nucleus, virus, mitochondria.

The final competency is connecting this meant that we had to look at all the research and connect it to are thinking. I thought that Frobisher’s origin was pretty deep, he was poor, lonely and was thrown in prison. Even though it was his fault for stealing. Anyway after that he is freed by the queen. This is something that I can connect


here is the comic book I made I mentioned it earlier download it and have a read for yourself.

The Story Of Frobisher Epub

The comic is right there ———>


so in the end I really had fun make this comic and hope I can do more assignments/ projects like this. Yes, the Corona Virus made things difficult but it all worked out I can still learn even from home. I absorbed this information through Kahn academy for scimatics. For humanities we used google which you probably already know of. We used google to fin the history in the explorer we chose  Anyway so this has been fun but I have another blog post to write, bye.