About Me

Hi, I’m Judah. This is my about me page of my blog, it explains some things about what kind of a person I am, my favourite dish, the country I live in, etc.

I’m a stay at home kinda guy that just loves his video games, to be certain the games I like include: any DOOM game (except 3), Tf2, Minecraft, Terraria, Halo, Sea Of Theives, Half Life 2, Bioshock and more. Other than playing video games I watch YouTube or Netflix (usually an anime). I like going outside sometimes things I like to do outside include, biking walking, and hanging out with friends. I also like drumming I learned it pretty fast and its really fun to let out my anger or frustrations with.

I live in Canada, British Columbia, and I’m 13 years old. My favourite dish is probably fondue or pork bites and I hate mayo, I just don’t like the weird taste or consistency and I think it just makes your burger more messy. My favourite holiday is Christmas, I like It because of the joy of the songs, the white snow, the big Christmas tree in your house, and presents. Two weeks off of school Thats also really nice. My favourite time of year is summer because its the longest time off, usually 2 months of the year. It also brings you into a new year of school, or maybe even the END of school.