I love to play Volleyball and it is a unique sport that you can never fully master its a really fun team sport that is very accessible.

One of the main reasons that I love Volleyball is you can be the best player out there but without helping your team you can’t win. Volleyball is a sport that is not the most common sport for boys.

I first got into Volleyball when
was 4 years old. When I started to play Volleyball it really intrigued me. My babysitter is now 6,7 and a Libero for the UBC team he was an awesome babysitter and he made me love Volleyball.

One thing you should know if you want to get into Volleyball is you should never get mad at your teammates (some exceptions like setter or Libero) but you need to chill and if you yell at the setter you wont get set (I’m a setter)

If you want to start playing Volleyball join a camp or just start playing that is the best way to learn. 



How did it go

It went well and i dont usually write like that

How was the different from what you’ve done on your blog

It was a unique post and was fun to write

Did u enjoy writing this

It was fun and a unique experience to write about

Did you enjoy writing this page 

Yes it was fun to write and an fun subject

What did you learn about yourself 

I taught myself a few lessons about volleyball EG dont get mad at your team sure I’m a setter but try to calm down

What part was the hardest 

The hardest part for me to write is why I love volleyball because it’s hard to describe why you love something

What part was the easiest 

The easiest part was to not yell at your teammates I personally can get mad at my teammates easily but relax