Loon Lake in a Nutshell

🤔Introduction From November 27-December 1, PLP 9 travelled to Loon Lake and nobody knew what to expect. Little did we knwo that this expedition provided physical challenges, trust falls, communication skills, but as a whole, challenging ourselves. 📈What Were Some of the Things I Learned? – We learned what type of leadership style we were… Continue Reading Loon Lake in a Nutshell

Take Your Kid To Work Day…

On November 1st, all grade 9s across Canada go to their parents work. In my case, I went to Dad’s small business, Meat The Butcher. It was an informative yet, enjoyable experience as I learned about aspects of butchery such as meat slicing, tying, as well as the entrepreneurial side to things such as accounting,… Continue Reading Take Your Kid To Work Day…

Alberta Field Study : The West of Canada: A Region of Rich History

Check out my book talking about my journey, why people come to the west, and most importantly, answering the driving question. Click on my book below to learn more ⬇️ How has the Geography of the West shaped who we are? Click to read this book, made with Book Creator read.bookcreator.com

Media + Advertise

The Driving Question: How does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society? Advertising is something we see everyday in the world. It’s visible from billboards to commercials on TV. But every single ad has one of two goals in common. To convince the viewer to buy their product or persuade them to perform a certain action.… Continue Reading Media + Advertise

mPOL 2022/2023

mPOL 2022/2023- Midyear Presentation Of Learning  Introduction Hello and welcome to my first ever mPOL! For your information, mPOLs are about identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and how you will be moving forward by reflecting on your learning over the past half year. I will be talking and reflecting on my past assignments over the last… Continue Reading mPOL 2022/2023