About Me!

Hello! My name is Melissa and I’m a PLP student!

On this blog I will be posting about my assignments and myself! Here are some things about me for a start!

Things I like

Some things I like to do are giving my dog a makeover, roller skating, drawing, baking, cooking and trying new things like art styles and hobbies! I also love spending time with my friends and family (and dog)!


Hobbies of Mine

Some of my hobbies include, skiing, swimming, going for walks/runs, roller skating, regular skating, dancing, and often just sitting around at home. I am the most passionate about roller skating, all of these are not professional (self taught or just started learning).


On This Blog

On this blog I will be reflecting on my assignments, like what I could’ve done differently and what I did well. I will also hopefully post things that teach you more about the PLP program!!


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