Middle Ages Reflection

The Middle Ages

A Sum of What we’ve Learned this Unit

In this humanities class, in this unit, we learned about the Middle Ages, here is a sum of what we’ve learned this unit. The Middle Ages were a rough time to be alive, they would kill and live unhealthy fast lives, without thinking it through. In the Middle ages, people were killed because of suspicions, differences, religion, and biased thoughts. Say you were a woman, happily living alone without troubles, the people who lived in the town could suspect that you are a witch and burn down your house, if you would survive, that would mean they were right and you were a witch, and they’d kill you, and if you didn’t survive, you weren’t a witch, but it was worth losing an innocent person in order to know the truth. 

       Peasants would work all day and wouldn’t sleep in proper beds, they wouldn’t eat proper meals, and would have to ration, while the king and the higher class people would be having a feast in the castle. The king would want to be bigger and eat more, because that was a sign of having money and riches. Peasants were more healthy and fit than the king, they would work all day and eat vegetables and fruits because those were less expensive if not free, depending on if their job was a farmer or not. The classes and power were organized into a pyramid, with the king on the top, the nobles just below him, knights below the nobles, and peasants on the bottom. On the very top, just above the triangle would be the church, because they would tell you about messages from god, and tell them they would go to hell if they didn’t do certain things. There would be stories of how awful hell was, there would be fire everywhere, devils and Satan, people would be tortured for eternity. 

Because people cared a lot less about lives, there were more wars and violence, like The Crusades. The Crusades started in 1095 and lasted almost 200 years ending in 1291. They started because Pope Urban II made a speech, inspiring Christians to fight against Islams for Jerusalem. Jerusalem was a sacred land where Jesus lived and died for Christian’s. They could’ve just had a conversation about Jerusalem, but the two sides already didn’t like each other, so they just fought. To make it worse, the battles didn’t end because they realized fighting was wrong or useless, they ended because they ran out of money. The battles were very expensive, and they had to end the wars because of that. Nobody really won, they just ended the battle. 

The Crusades were a really dark time to be alive, and we’re lucky to be born in such a peaceful time.

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