Star Wars Mini Blue Sky


Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is about our Star Wars Winter Exhibition. In this exhibition we showed two project that we did. Our scimatics project which you get get to here, and our maker one. This post is going to be about our maker project. My driving question for this project was how can fictional Star Wars spacecrafts help us in our world. For this project we used the LAUNCH cycle. You can learn more about the launch cycle by watching this video. As we went through this project we had a LAUNCH journal where we recorded what we did in each phase.

each letter in LAUNCH represents a phase that you go through to make your final product. In this project every letter phase was a milestone. In the first milestone was the L phase for this milestone we filed a How Might We form. When I filled out this form I got the idea of what questions I was going to answer in the final creation project. In the 2nd milestone we looked at what questions we needed to know in order to be able to complete this project. For the milestone we filled out a pitch form. This form laid out my outline for my project. I filled out how I’m going to make this project, where I’m going to find the answers to my questions and what I will need to make this project. the next milestone was the U phase. In this phase we exported our LAUNCH journal up to the U phase. In this phase I figured out I was gouging to create the ghost freighter plane from Star Wars Rebels. In the N phase we had to make a mini video explaining what we are planning to do for the rest of the project. I created my video in iMovie it was 1 min 30 sec long. The next phase was the C phase. This is where I started to run into problems. We had to make a prototype and make a revision grid for it. At this point I was planning on making a 3d model and 3d printing it out. Later on I figured out it couldn’t be printed so I had to make it out of cardboard the night before the exhibition. The last phase was H in this phase we had to hand in FAIL evidence. My fail evidence was that my prototype couldn’t be printed.

finally it was time for the exhibition. I was on the planet Tatooine, to make it look like Tatooine we had sheets hanging from the ceiling. We also had space heaters heating up the space to make it feel more like a desert rather than a hall. The exhibition was pretty fun. I liked explaining my process of making my project and what I learned form the project. At the exhibition we had a keynote that we made about our project and the LAUNCH cycle so we could show that at the exhibition on our iPads. In this project I had to take lots of creative risks with making my project out of cardboard. One example is in my model where I made the cardboard be 3d by putting foam in between two pieces of cardboard and it stood up.

                                            This is my Jawa costume at the exhibition.

I made my costume with lots of different things that I put together to make this costume. I used a winter jacket, belt, duct tape, wallets, gloves, mask, thin fabric and fake candles for the eyes. At the exhibition I got a lot of compliment for my eyes. The costume got a little hot though because Tatooine is a desert that is hot and I was wearing a winter coat. I even had to ask Mr. Barnes (the band teacher) for water before the exhibition started because I knew I would get really hot. That is my reflection on my Star Wars: Mini Blue Sky Project.





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