6: My book: Art masterpieces 🎨

This is a book involving all of the drawings I made in this past unit. We used sketches pro to create the art, and book creator to make the book- duh. The project was very fun, because I really like to draw.   The remarkable masterpieces created through an absolute legend Click to read this […]

5: mPOL

[Thank you for attending my Midterm presentation of Learning. As you can guess, I am the expert on my own learning. I am responsible and accountable for my learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. I will speak the truth, and only the truth. We will discuss my strengths […]

4: The Middle Ages ⚔️

Driving question: How did the quest for power affect peoples lives in the Middle Ages?  The Middle Ages was a very interesting time in history, and the power system was even crazier. In this past project, we learned about who was under who, and what people believed/ how they lived.  Keystone: 1. We got a […]

3: PLP winter exhibition ❄️

The PLP winter exhibition took place on Wednesday, December the 14th. The theme of the exhibition was the movie, Avatar. The grade 8s- including me, duh- created box’s called “Pandoras box”. Our task was to pick a theme from the movie- I picked corporate greed-, and somehow display your theme in a box. I think […]