Winter Break is almost here and with its arrival all of our projects are coming to an end. The particular project I will be talking about today is our chemistry stories project from Scimatics. In this project we had to start by learning the basics. We did so many kahoots until we were confident with our knowledge of different types of bonding, naming and other important skills. We practised making an animated video of an experiment we did early on to build or animation skills as well. After that we made our video which demonstrated and explained ionic and covalent bonding using Bohr models. We finished our project by taking a quiz and finally a test. To complete all these parts of our projects we had to have an understanding of the big idea and the curricular competency’s. 

The Big idea of our project is: the electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature. My understanding of this idea is that they do impact the chemical nature of atoms because depending on how many electrons and what shells their in, an atom will bond differently and share or give away electrons. 

Our first competency was Communicating: formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon. I did this in my main video by creating physical Bohr models to describe the phenomenon of the bonding of atoms.

The second competency we had to do was Processing and analyzing: construct, analyze and interpret models and/or diagrams. This milestone was shown throughout many milestones as I had to construct Bohr models for my video, analyze them on my quiz and test, and interpret them in my class mates videos.

The final competency was Questioning and predicting: demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem or personal interest.  This competency is demonstrated through use of class time. I used my class time efficiently and tried my hardest to stay on task because of my sustained interest in the topic. Because of this I handed in almost everything on time and created a video that showed my accomplishment.

Over all thanks to this project I have a better understanding of matter, atoms, chemical reactions, bonding and chemistry in general. I have an accomplished understanding of the curricular competency’s and the big idea of this project. This was a great project that was engaging, interesting and forced me to learn new skills so I would call it a huge success!


Here is my final video:


this is my project end mind map: