Silas’s Journey to Independence

And Everything It Takes Me to Get There



A mix of social studies and English.

Who Am I Going To Be?

Who am I? According to the About Me page I wrote in grade 8:  My name is Silas. This is the blog that I have created to showcase some of the work that I have done in my program PLP… Continue Reading →

The Importance of World War II

Why is it so important to learn about Canada’s involvement in World War II? This was the driving question for our most recent Humanities project, Save Juno Beach. Our goal was to answer this through the means of a formal… Continue Reading →

Seeking a Just Society Through Conversation

What is a just society? This is the question that we asked ourselves as part of our newest humanities project. The real question is, how do we figure this out? The concept of a just society changes from person to… Continue Reading →

The Two Sides of War

War is glamorous and fun. It is a patriotic adventure for the bold. Or is it? For our final humanities project of PLP 9, we explored the contrasting narratives of war. The project was called Dulce et Decorum Est, which… Continue Reading →

Creating Canada

You only have a few thousand dollars left. Will you pay combat the spread of a deadly virus, or will you continue expanding the capital. All sorts of problems have risen. You a are at risk of losing the nation… Continue Reading →


I had been sitting at my desk for hours, looking through evidence files, searching for a connection. If you asked me how long I have been working on this case for, I couldn’t tell you. Every day blends together. I… Continue Reading →

Is It Worth It?

What were the consequences of the Industrial Revolution? I was tasked with creating a slam poem about this very topic. I knew nothing about the Industrial Revolution, and nothing about slam poetry. How would I accomplish this task? What process… Continue Reading →

The American Revolution On Trial

For our second Humanities project of the year, we were tasked with exploring famous revolutions and arguing their effectiveness or ineffectiveness in a simulated court of law. Our driving question was “How did revolutions bring down empires and change societies… Continue Reading →

I Started a Revolution

Disease was spreading, war was starting, the economy was collapsing, and I was right in the middle of it. To kick off our next Humanities project, Storm the Barricades, we participated in a simulation about revolutions. In this simulation, we… Continue Reading →

How Has the Geography of the West Shaped Who We Are

How has the Geography of the West Shaped Who We Are? This was the driving question of our first Humanities project of grade nine. The project was called The Power of Geography and it pushed my questioning skills to the… Continue Reading →

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