About Me

Hi, my name is Tamara. 

My pronouns are She/Her.

I am a student residing in North Vancouver, Canada. This blog is where I publish reflections on my learning alongside some other fun personal-interest posts here and there. I attend Seycove Secondary School, and am a part of the Performance Learning Program. 

Although this blog is an educational one, there is more to me than just my school work. Sometimes.


Number one, I am both a Candian and an Australian citizen (I was born a duel-citizen which is cool). I lived in Australia for just under half my life, and am now in Canada. I write the way I think and speak, which means that sometimes I have a bit of a strange use of language in my writing. This is an important part of my identity for me. I am proud to be from both countries, and I am happy to call them both my home.


Number two, I am very passionate about storytelling, particularly in film and television. After I graduate I would like to go into a film program and become a screenwriter, director, producer, or all three, so that I can tell the stories of those whose stories haven’t been told or who don’t get to see themselves in media nearly enough. I really love film and the creative process it allows, and I hope to one day get to make something special with it one day. If I change one person’s life, if I touch one person’s heart through my art and storytelling, then that will be enough for me.


Number three, I have a deep appreciation for music. I have been in three choirs in my life, singing isn’t really my forte though. At least not in public where people can hear it. I’m not bad, just shy. I have been in school concert bands since grade 5, and jazz bands since grade 9, I play the alto saxophone, and I enjoy it a lot. Music is a special kind of language I can appreciate with my whole heart, and I do so every single day. 


Number four, as much as I complain about writing blog posts, I appreciate it a lot. Writing is something I have been drawn to since I was a kid, and I love it. There is so much someone can do with words, and if I can write about my school work and immortalize this much learning into one space with words and pictures, then I very well should. And I do. 


And I get graded on it. 


I hope that taught you some things about me, and I hope you find whatever you end up reading on this learning portfolio interesting and informative in some way.


Spread good vibes and love, be kind and be safe. 


– Tamara S.L.

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