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🎥 Manifesting My Inner Social Media Influencer 💅 ✨

“I wish I had known about this project four months in advance so I could have gotten addicted to social media.” – is a sentence I never thought would leave my mouth. However, if PLP has taught me anything, it’s… Continue Reading →

🌹 Everyone is always like “Romeo, Romeo”, but nobody asks about Juliet.

How can I organize my understanding of Theme as it relates to Romeo and Juliet? HELLO INTERNET. Our final PLP Humanities 10 project of the semester was on Romeo and Juliet, which I was hoping you would pick up on based… Continue Reading →

🎉 Mid-year Presentation of Learning 2023 | PLP 10

🌱 How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year? 🎯 How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year?       “Thank you for… Continue Reading →

🌊 Ology of Apology: Komagata Maru

I never thought I would dress up as a supremacist while presenting a project about the importance of apologies towards victims of discrimination and racism in Canada’s history, yet PLP has surprised me once again. Our latest Humanities 10 project… Continue Reading →


I was never particularly fond of labels. It’s not that I think they shouldn’t be a thing. I just have always found it hard to find one that I am comfortable with using. Whether it be romantic orientation, sexuality, gender,… Continue Reading →

⛏️ Gold Digger!

“How did the discovery of gold shape our province and its people?” During the final months of Humanities 9 in late spring, our class was going to participate in a project called “GOLD!”, led by Mr. Hughes. Instead, that project… Continue Reading →


It is June 22, 2022 at 6:23am. The last day of school. You still haven’t finished your final blog post of the year. How can we predict our finances for the future? Hello, internet! In our final Scimatics project for… Continue Reading →

🎬 Your First Film: The COVID-19 Pandemic & Youth… and IMPACT!💥

Video… Movie… Film.  As we learned during a previous project, titled “Vibrant Video“, there are certain differences between the aforementioned words. Our focus during this Maker project was on creating a film. More specifically, we were to create a documentary… Continue Reading →

🌱 Meiosis Models

hEYYY GUYS, WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER BLOG POST! IT’S YO GUY HERE, PAIN-IN-THE-BRAIN. (Nickname courtesy of Fraser.) Recently, in Scimatics, our class has been the poor victims of a rather disturbing topic, otherwise known as REPRODUCTION. Imagine learning about reproduction, making… Continue Reading →

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