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✏️ Working With Words

…Are you a metaphor? ’cause there’s nothing that can compare to you. Working With Words is a project both PLP grades 8 and 9 participated in this past month. We expressed our individuality and worldview through the form of poetry…. Continue Reading →

⚖️ Revolutions on Trial: Xinhai

I always feel like when I read the blog posts of fellow PLP learners, they oftentimes fit into one of two categories: “I am writing this because this is what I think my teacher wants to hear.” “I am writing… Continue Reading →

📊 Correlation VS. Causation

Throughout our latest Scimatics project, our PLP 9 class has studied different aspects of surveys, and the difference between correlation and causation. A majority of my fellow classmates worked in pairs for this task, though I ended up working independently…. Continue Reading →

💼 Take Our Kids To Work Day 2021

Dear Internet, Recently, I have participated in Take Our Kids to Work Day (TOKTWD). I have the greatest pleasure to announce that it was the most mentally exhausting experience of my life. You know that expression about falling asleep the… Continue Reading →

🌱 The Environment & People

If you associate with PLP Humanities 9, whether it be as a teacher, learner, or fellow classmate, I’m sure you’re aware this project was in actuality, titled, “People and the Environment”.  A central theme, as indicated by our driving question,… Continue Reading →

Game of Exponent Laws!

When I first learned about the Order of Operations in 5th or 6th grade, we were always told to skip over the “E” in “BEDMAS”. As you can see, it stands for “exponents”, though I hadn’t truly understood what those… Continue Reading →

Comic Cells: The Adventures of Tom and the Influenza Virus

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you might remember how I started my previous post with the sentence: “Geometry… an utterly terrifying and confusing concept used to terrorize school children.” At the time, I had thought it… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Design Challenge!

Geometry… an utterly terrifying and confusing concept used to terrorize school children. In other words, our PLP 8 class has been learning about calculating the surface area and volume of various 3D objects. Our driving question for this project was:… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Coding

During this project, I have learned a very important lesson… matter matters.  These past few weeks, we have discussed in class the Kinetic Molecular theory and the Atomic theory. Our goal was to show our knowledge by coding a Scratch… Continue Reading →

The More Things Change

Hello there! Today I’ll be discussing our latest project: The More Things Change. This project title was inspired by the theory that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Although we didn’t discuss this philosophy as much… Continue Reading →

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