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Thanks for watching

What’s good folks, I’ve done myself a little bit of talking and a little bit of recording, and I’ve ended up with a severe hatred of myself, my voice, and everything else about me. This is the story behind Baptism… Continue Reading →

Things is like Disneyland.

“Once upon a time, there were three men in a cave, all they did all day was watch their fire and its light dancing on the walls of the cave. Eventually, one of these men got bored, and tried to… Continue Reading →


Our project where we learn about ww2 is finished. 🙁   A French farmer driving a horse-drawn water cart waves his cap at the crew of a Light Tank Mk VI of 13/18th Royal Hussars, 1st Infantry Division’s recce regiment,… Continue Reading →

Unjudge Someone

To open this year’s humanities portion, we studied Canadian identity and hosted a human library. As I’d not heard of the concept of a human library before, I was interested in what it would entail and what we would need… Continue Reading →

War, yay

War, yay! Anyways, where do I start? How about in Sarajevo, 1914, where an Austrian archduke has just been shot. Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were the first casualties in a war that would kill 15-20 million, and affect… Continue Reading →

T-P.o.L – пожалуйста помоги

MILITIA, MACHINES ,MILITARISM, MAURICE, AND MUD – Humanities 9 This year was a fun year in terms of Social Studies. I was able to talk about topics I enjoy and also partake in my hobbies during class time (twice). Points… Continue Reading →

Louis riel tastes funny beaver game

Confederation, heck yeah! We started with the confederation simulation, that was cool, we made Canada a thing. I think this helped me learn about the “struggles” of being an old white man Yadda yadda Catalonia something something current events, I… Continue Reading →

“CHOO CHOO” – Blog Post #37 – Full Steam Ahead.

SLAM POETRY. Love it or hate it, it is inevitable. and it is exactly what we had to do for this project.   This project started with a bit of comparison between “We are More” by Shane Coyzcan and a… Continue Reading →

Does it work? I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t – Blog Post #36 – Exciting Electricity

(In David Attenborough voice) The Vexillasaur is one of natures great mysteries, secluding itself in the great vexillashroom forests of New Brunswick. It survives on minishrooms found atop the verdant Limegrass. The Vexillasaur has no natural predators, and until human… Continue Reading →

Call the M-PoLice

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We… Continue Reading →

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