Tectonic chances reflective blog post

How are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design? This was the driving question of our project, and this gave me so much excitement, as I am a professional board game designer (I made 50 cents from selling game rules). And again, I was grouped with Tom. We started by learning the driving question, … [Read more…]

I’m a PLP learner, I promise

Becoming A PLP learner bloog Post Once upon a time, in 2020, I found out about the PLP, I thought it seemed cool, so I joined, after a gruelling and brutal series of challenges, I was finally accepted. Of course, that was not the end, instead, it was only the beginning, I came into school … [Read more…]

The Medium is, in fact, the message

How does what I see, read, and hear influence me. 5 weeks ago, I was launched into my first project in Humanities, The Medium is the Message, the point of this project was to make an advertisement for a real-world business, in this case, our business was Sweet as Treats, formerly known as Zücker. My … [Read more…]