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“One man’s garbage is usually another man’s garbage”

For lords, tomorrow is a busy day.

We started by looking at Shakespeare and his history, as well as analyzing themes and theme statements by looking at a Pixar short film called “Lou”. I found that the message was “Change can only come from within, even though… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination, part the second.

If you haven’t read my first DI blog post, start there. If you have, I’m sorry.   This time was the big tournament, provincials, and they brought in food trucks, a dance instructor, and face painters. And what did the… Continue Reading →

It’s Sphinxing Time, baby!

It’s that time of year again! The time where you’re supposed to “learn to work as a team with strangers” and “overcome challenges”.   let me be 100% frank up front; I do not like or enjoy DI, and though… Continue Reading →

It’ll be Crazy*

Welcome back folks. We’re here with part the second (2) of our glorious Cray Cray Yay Yay blog posts. If you missed the first post, too bad, go read it now, and bonus points if you have any feedback for… Continue Reading →

Let the world in if you want it to benefit.

AThis essay is part of a project called “Cray Cray Yay Yay” (which doesn’t make sense to me either), where we try to figure out why crazy people are what the world needs to change itself.   So far, we’ve… Continue Reading →

Who am I going to be

What do you get when you cross a one dimensional personality, with crippling disappointment in everything I do? ME! Yippee Anyways, all self slander aside, I’ve been trying to improve the person I am, because if I stay as the… Continue Reading →


Apologies, what do they mean? Why do we apologize? What does it accomplish? This is what we covered in our latest humanities project, “The Ology of Apology”, where we were rushed to create memorials, I had a mental breakdown (or… Continue Reading →

Thanks for watching

What’s good folks, I’ve done myself a little bit of talking and a little bit of recording, and I’ve ended up with a severe hatred of myself, my voice, and everything else about me. This is the story behind Baptism… Continue Reading →

Things is like Disneyland.

“Once upon a time, there were three men in a cave, all they did all day was watch their fire and its light dancing on the walls of the cave. Eventually, one of these men got bored, and tried to… Continue Reading →


Our project where we learn about ww2 is finished. 🙁   A French farmer driving a horse-drawn water cart waves his cap at the crew of a Light Tank Mk VI of 13/18th Royal Hussars, 1st Infantry Division’s recce regiment,… Continue Reading →

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