It’s that time of year again! The time where you’re supposed to “learn to work as a team with strangers” and “overcome challenges”.


let me be 100% frank up front; I do not like or enjoy DI, and though I can understand how it may be an enjoyable experience for others, it does not accomplish any of the goals set out by PLP for me.

but since I have to reflect on the learning I did, here goes.

This year, I was in a group with Christian, Esther, Lila, and Gino. I had met everyone but Esther at least once before, through band etc., so this wasn’t the hardest transition into a group. What was hard though, was going through the process of design. I think that revision is one of the things I struggle most at, and the process of working with a team, and recalibrating my ideas to fit others’ senses of commitment was very difficult because many of my ideas were impractical for the effort we were willing to put in.

Our “Team Challenge” was about a discovery of something from the past that either changes or upholds a common human belief. We also had to integrate a puppet that represented a character from the past in our performance.

Our play was set in “Egypt, Present Day”, where a group of archaeologists (The Sphinx Squad, very original name, I know) called the sphinx squad, as well as their wealthy benefactor Boris Ivanof (Played by yours truly) who discover that the sphinx is actually a very old tomb, and that the Egyptians didn’t even build it, but it was instead a group of ancient nomadic metahumans. If you care to watch a recording, you can see it below

Anyways, onto the reflection on the learning .

I think that this project left a lot of room for me to grow, and I think the areas with the most room to grow were making sure I was heard, and making sure I was able to uphold my part of the work I committed to. I think that as someone who was supposed to be a “leader” for my team, I didn’t really pressure my group to improve at all, meaning that we weren’t able to make a puppet that was an actual puppet with moving arms.

In all, I could’ve done better, and I think that next performance, if our puppet works, we could  upgrade our second place into a win.


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