November 25

Group Carr

Hello! In this post I’ll be explaining what I just learned about drawing in maker class.

So we were all gathered into separate rooms (Carr and Herzog). In Carr we learnt how to use pressure by drawing our names 

For the second assignment we learnt how to make a sketch note and how to make them make sense 

The third lesson was sketching a mug or any still object and so I used an empty can as my object. We also made a 3D robot and got to colour it using colours that represent certain emotions.

The fourth lesson I learned was how to make 3D objects and landscapes. The landscape i chose was the view from my grandmas deck

The fifth and final drawing we made was making a company and drawing our logo for it, for my company i made a candy company that specializes in fake fruit flavour. I named it fruity friends because the target audience is mostly children and younger people. My idea behind the company was really simple, I was craving a lollipop that you can get from dollar stores since I haven’t had one of those since I was a kid.

if I had to do something like this with drawing and learning new ways to draw I would definitely want to. Since there were two groups doing a different project, our groups switched so now im in the other group named Herzog! in Herzog we learn how to take better photos so as soon as im finished all 5 lessons in herzog ill make another post.

until next time, buh-bye!!

November 19

Scimatics Board Game

Hello again and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m answering the question of “How are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design?” I just did a project on this topic and for the project we made a board game in groups of 2-3 people. In my group i paired up with Andrew and Owen (they’re making a blog post on this too.) 

For this project we made a board game and we had to calculate probability with dice or cards. For our game we took some cardboard and put some blue paper over it, we cut out continents and put them in their places. We made characters with their own bonuses and cards for actions. Players would put their character on the board and disaster cards were pulled, if a disaster card was pulled and says your tectonic plate you loose a life. The last to survive wins.

i sadly don’t have any photos of the game right now but ill update this post when/if I get them.

October 30

Keynote guided tour

hello blog readers, this is my keynote guided tour, we had an exhibition to show this off a week ago

I didn’t quite have enough time to speak in some of the slides but that’s my keynote guided tour.

I could have definitely done better on this but I don’t want to redo it since this blog post is already a few hours late anyways.

October 28

Media and ads

Hello again! In this blog post I’ll be answering the driving question question of “how does what we see, read, and hear influence us?”

So to really go into depth about this I’ll need to start from the beginning. About 5 weeks ago we started to look at ads and how they were made. We worked on a historical ad breakdown, an ad design workbook, we met the companies we would be working for we made a mood-board and then started working on the first ad draft afterwords.

Historical media analysis

The project we had to do on historical ads was to look at ads and we had to write some paragraphs on what the purpose of the ad and what its target audience was. I did that assignment on the season 1 trailer for SEE. SEE is a show about blind humans in the far future and how they get by.

Ad Design Workbook

For this we were given a template on how to make ads that were designed really well. There were 7 categories and the categories were relationship, alignment, proximity, repetition, contrast, space, and background. Each category had their own little area to try out the skill it teaches you (an example is in contrast you need to choose contrasting colours and shapes, stuff like that) 

Mood board

When we were assigned the mood board i was really excited to do it because it looked really fun to do and really fun to experiment with colours, images, and ideas. This is my finished mood board for Deep Cove music because I can’t only describe it in words

Ad drafts for Deep Cove Music

So this project took a while to finish because we had to create so many ad drafts for our business. My first ad draft was probably the worst because I had no clue what I should have done for it. My last ad draft was really good and i really liked it, the bright colours stand out against the black background and it doesn’t look too complicated

First ad draft

Second draft

3rd ad draft, This was my best one in my opinion

In conclusion this project was really fun and i really liked it, it impacted how I view ads now. I probably would do it again though if i had the choice.