May 18

3D solar Panel

Another project done, another blog post being made. For this project we made 3d models in Tinkercad and we had to choose if we wanted to make optimal surface area or volume. I chose to make a solar panel with optimal surface area. After we calculated all the parts volume and surface area we put it all into a keynote presentation and presented it to the class

(My keynote⬇️)

I didn’t do good in this project and I think I lost my motivation after my teammate kicked me out of his group 3 days before the presentation. I would have done at least a little better if that didn’t happen.

April 13


4-5 long, stressful months of planning and prepping for DI. (If you don’t remember what DI is check out my midway DI post) Now if you want to know how it all went well then keep reading
So, it all started in November when we were told what DI was and put into the groups we would be forced to work with until April. Now, I was put into a Fine arts group. It was going great till the first dress rehearsal where we had absolutely NOTHING done. So we started all our work a week after the second dress rehearsal. In 2 weeks we made almost everything, the backdrop, costumes, final script (yes that includes memorizing the script too) so let me get into the process of them!

Backdrop:there was 2 backdrops, one for a juice-bar the other for a dungeon.

Costume transformation: we didn’t come up with what to do for this until a week before the competition so of course it wasn’t gunna be the greatest thing ever, it consider of a rolled up  red cape tied up with string and when it got untied it unrolled into a full cape.

Illusion: we had a door that looked fake but was real so you could push it away and you could crawl through the sheets. It was used in the dungeon scene.

Costumes: Mine was guards armour made out of cardboard, The Queen (Julia) wore a dress from the drama room. The Jester/Bard (Tom) just found an old Halloween costume from his attic, The Old Trickster/Maki (Makai) wore a flannel and jeans with his arm tucked into the shirt sleeve, The Trickster wore a black hoodie and shorts, and The Mute Painter wore some stained and ripped clothes with an apron.

Props: we had a crown that the trickster was trying to steal and my shield (used as a fan at one point lol)

Story: the story starts with the trickster going to the bar and accidentally bumping into a guard, but the whole reason he went to the bar was because he was struggling with money so he took a risky bet with a retired trickster looking for revenge on the queen, the bet was to steal the crown in return for 1,000 shillings so the trickster did exactly that, or at least he tried to… while he was about to leave the bar he ran into the guard from earlier but the queen was with him, the queen demands the jester sing about the trickster to which he does. After the song the queen tells the guard to make her look dramatic (to which he fans her with his shield) then orders the trickster to a year in prison. The guard drags the trickster into the dungeon and leaves. The trickster looks around and sees an old painter painting the wall so he asks what they’re doing and eventually finds out that the painting was a real door so he pushes the door out and somehow gets out of the dungeon like that. Once’s he’s back in the bar he sees the queen there with the guard so he asks the retired trickster to distract them both while he steals the crown off her head. The queen runs off crying while the guard tries to chase after her and the tricksters drink and laugh and so the story ends there.
Heres a video of it:

DI was so stressful but I think I learnt how to prioritize the project and that I should be helping the group. That doesn’t mean I ever wanna do it again though.

My teammates posts: Tom H Julia D Luca T Makai R Kai M

April 12

What the Hell is an Atom??

Recently I just finished a project on the atomic and kinetic molecular theory. We had to make a game on scratch including the atomic theory. Before you play the game you need to know that before a project we fill out a Mindmap of questions we have for the topic then after the project we answer them so here’s what mine looked like.
Now for the actual game link —> Atoms and stuff quiz
this project was a challenge for me since I’ve never used scratch before and I’ve had no coding experience before. I didn’t really like how stressful this project was but thats probably just me being biased towards coding. I don’t think I did my absolute best with this project but I would definitely try harder if I had to do it again.

Until next my next post (which is in like 20 minutes lol)

April 1

A Time of Art- The Renaissance!

Recently PLP 8 did a project on the Renaissance, we started learning about the printing press and the famous paintings from the Renaissance  (like the Mona Lisa, birth of Venus, etc.). We made a Triptik on comparing things made in the Renaissance to modern day versions of the object or person
this is how mine turned out:

The other part of the final product was a paragraph about what you think the most important thing or person was in the Renaissance. I wrote the paragraph on Galileo, a famous astronomer and scientist from the 1600’s. Galileo discovered the 4 biggest moons orbiting Jupiter and the heliocentric theory.
Here’s the paragraph if you were curious about what Galileo did and discovered:

In my opinion Galileo was the most important person in the Renaissance and here’s why. Galileo was most famously known for his astronomical discoveries. In around 1609 he started making telescopes that could see 8-30 times more than a spyglass, shortly after he started using the telescopes to document astrological findings. Galileo discovered many things about the solar system like 4 of Jupiter’s biggest moons (IO, Ganymede, Europa, Callisto), the moons craters, Venus’s phases, Saturns rings, and even the heliocentric theory. The heliocentric theory is the theory that the earth revolves around the sun instead of everything revolves around the earth. The church didn’t like what Galileo discovered. By 1615  the catholic court declared that anything opposing Aristotle’s geocentrism was not true. A few years after the court had declared this, Galileo was brought to Rome and told not to write or teach any of his theories. On January 8th, 1642, Galileo passed away from heart palpitations and fever. By the time he died he was fully blind. Galileos theories really helped modern day astronomers like Stephan hawking to discover more and more about astronomy, and Galileo’s science theories that I didn’t focus on in the paragraph helped science get a boost of new information. Even some of the inventions he made helped society “move up”.

This project was really fun I think I did pretty well with researching all the fun topics and discovering all of the events that occurred 

March 5

Loon Lake Learning..Advance?

A few weeks ago PLP 8 and 9 went on a field trip to loon lake in maple ridge. We were told to fill out a journal every day to reflect on the trip with what we did and then to add it too an eBook.

Learning Advance 2022

some things I didn’t add in the journal:
Naomi getting possessed on the ritual bed
Strangely coloured lemonade
Weird looking knight chess piece
Breakfast day 2
Vibrant tree branch

Overall I think the loon lake learning advance was really fun and I really liked it there, even though it was hard to communicate to people that didn’t go with us and I didn’t exactly get to sleep in the same room as the people I wanted, I still found it really fun and I learnt a lot (and worked on DI). I definitely hope I go on more PLP trips in the future

February 4

Look Alive! It’s DI!

So the PLP teachers told us we would be participating in a world wide competition of creativity named “Destination Imagination” or “DI” for short. We were put into 4 groups based on what subject we wanted to do. Fine arts, Science, Improv, technical. I was put into a fine arts group with Luca, Julia, Tom, Judah, and Kai. The other grade 8 fine arts team split up so Makai was added to our group. We have a pretty good group, we all have our different strengths in instant challenges. In one of the most recent instant challenge practice we had to make a bridge between chairs with a few resources. We did pretty good on that with Judas quick thinking. For the next one we had to make a tower to hold up a pingpong ball, a gold ball, and a marble. Luca and Judah constructed it while me, Julia, and Tom helped come up with ways to put it together while Kai asked how much time we had left. For the second last challenge we had to make a way to get the pingpong ball from the ground, to the chair, to the table, to the other side of the table. Me and Judah put it together while we were being told what would work and how we should put it together. For the final challenge we had to tell the tale of the things we just made. Toms improv ability helped us with how we should act out what we should do. So he thought we get into pairs and tell the tale of one of the challenges. Me and Kai told the bridge chair story while Judah and Luca told the elevator story and Tom and Julia told the tower story.
sadly i have no photos to show what the solutions looked like but maybe my teammates do! Go check them out too. Until next time!

January 28


Driving question 1: “How have i demonstrated growth as a Lerner so far this year?”
I think I’ve grown a lot since the school year started. I feel like i participate a lot more than i did before i joined PLP and im not as scared to public speak in front of my classmates. Ive definitely grown in the social aspect of my work and i hope to improve more specially in some groups i feel like im doing nothing in. More specifically in scimatics IVE gotten better at math at least a bit and I’ve learnt more math formulas (ex. Pythagorean theory) and in humanities i practiced reading poetry (mine or others) to the class in the most recent project we did. In maker, our first exhibition was to make something kind of like a reflection and we would show it off to our parents and our classmates parents.

Driving question 2: “How can i sharpen my learning plan to ensure i will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year”
i think if im more harsh on myself to get my work done or to do better i probably would but i would need a good motivation thats not just “if i dont get my work done then my parents will take my phone away” that just makes me more stressed about my work so it should somewhere in the middle of that, more like a reward if i get my work done. I definitely should try to do better (this part is repeated later in this post) and be more harsh but sometimes i just lack the motivation to be harsh on myself or do the best i can. In maker i could ask what i could do to help or create more ideas with teammates. In humanities i could try to have the work done on time more often or try to do my best even if i really dont like the subject. In scimatics i could try to do more of the math or science in groups instead of making the presentation look nice. I could try to do both math and decorations for that though.

-Of the work you completed so far this year, what are you least proud of? Why?
To be honest I’m not proud of a lot of work but if i had to choose I would say probably the tectonic chances board game we made or the ad for deep cove music at the start of the year. I didn’t like how they turned out in the end and i thought they would look different or better in some way. Specially with the board game, i feel like i could have put a lot more effort into the final design (like rules or game mechanics) because all i did was build the board and make some playing characters. With the deep cove music ad i just didnt like how it ended up looking. I didnt like the black/white borders on the side and the photos we took to use weren’t good either. I think it looked really complicated 

-Did all the work you completed this year meet your standards?
Honestly i don’t expect to get an A and i know i should “strive to get better grades” but honestly I’m okay with getting Bs. Going “above and beyond” is something i try to do but with the time i have to get to do it, its kinda difficult. And i know i can just clear some time in my schedule but i want some time to just hang out with friends or relax or just have a day to myself. 

-What skills did you use and what skills do you need to continue to develop?
Yea i need to improve on a lot of things, mostly just how to work more effectively in a group. At the moment i feel like i rely on my teammates to do most the work, for example my DI group. I feel like im not really apart of it and i bring no thoughts to the table. Tom, Luca, Judah and Makai do most/all the work and i feel like i just let them to get out of work easily even though i know that DI actually goes towards my maker 8 grade.

-When did you feel dissatisfied during the process of working on projects?
Mostly in scimatics. At the start of every project we always get like 3 workbooks of homework just of pure science or math and its always boring and it feels like ill never get them done on time. With humanities or maker im not usually dissatisfied 

-What did/do you find frustrating about PLP work?
The amount of homework that you have to do is a lot more than what I’m used to, most of my friends who aren’t in plp also agree that the homework that plp gives out is a lot. Im used to a light amount of homework that you get from not finishing the work in class but with plp no matter what you’ll get homework, even if you finish the stuff they give you in class. And it feels like if you dont do the homework they give you the day youre given it, you suddenly get so behind on your work and it gives you no time to relax or hang out with your friends.

January 24

Light Show!

Just recently i finished a project for scimatics that proved the law of reflection. Let me explain..

So first for a few weeks we were doing workbooks learning about the law of reflection/Pythagorean theory and the math behind it. Then my teacher, Mr. Harris, told us that we would be working with electronics (lasers to be more specific) so we got paired into groups, i got paired with Luca, Kira B, Frankie, Mackenzie, and myself. So we chose a theme and we chose the sky. Luca was doing   all the engineering, me and frankie worked on the  decorations, Kira helped Luca with the electronics, and Mackenzie helped make  some clouds.
(I’m totally keeping the sun and clouds)

The day of the presentation we were brought into the other scimatics classroom and we put down our project. The other teacher, Mr. Gross, sprayed canned smoke on the laser triangles  and you could see the lines really well! But for our light something went wrong somewhere and the light was weaker than everyone else’s.  you might need to turn up the brightness on your device if you can to see the details in the photos.
We also made a Mindmap in MindNode with questions and thoughts and we added answers to the questions after the project ended This project was super fun to put together and I would love to try to do it again but with a stronger light or more time to make the decorations. I definitely improved with the subject because I got a better understanding on the wavelengths of lasers and the Pythagorean theory. Anyways thats my scimatics project. Until next time!

January 23

The Sun Life Cycles

I’m not sure if everyone knows but suns, just like people and animals, have life cycles. But unlike humans and animals, it takes billions of years to get to the next stage.

Our sun is an average star and scientists estimate that in 4-5 billion years our sun will   collapse inwards and then expand rapidly into a red giant and will swallow Mercury, Venus, and most likely Earth. In another 100,000,00 billion years the sun will collapse into a planetary nebula and then collapse inwards into a white dwarf.

credits to for the information