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How I Learn New Software! | Blogging Challenge Day 3


Post Introduction πŸ™‰

For this post today I am going to be talking about my methods for learning software. I spend a lot of time learning software as I find it really fun and gives a nice challenge. I currently have been learning a lot of 3D software. I work mostly in Blender so that is the software I have spent the most time learning, I have mentioned it quite a bit on this blog, but I have also been learning Autodesk Maya recently. I have really only been learning it for animation purposes but have also done some modelling and rigging.

Where Do I Start When Learning New Software 🏁

My first step when learning a new piece of software is always to look for some videos on YouTube. These videos are not always tutorials as I find it can be helpful to just watch people work in the software. One of the most helpful things I have found on YouTube is tutorial series. These will usually take you through using the software and help get you introduced with the mechanics and hot keys for the software. When learning Blender one of the most helpful tutorials is the Blender Guru Donut Tutorial Series. This is a very famous series and is quite well known in the Blender community.

Watch The First Part of The Series Here!

I also watched this series called Houdini Isn’t Scary that was made by Nine Between while I was learning Houdini!

Watch The First Part of The Series Here!

Sometimes though I don’t always look for tutorials. Sometimes I find it can be helpful to choose an area of the software you want to learn, for Maya I wanted to learn animation, and just dive in and do a project that works in that area.

One thing you are going to still need to know is the keyboard shortcuts for what ever program you are using. Sometimes you may be able to find PDF documents that have all the shortcuts listed.

Here is an example of a hotkey PDF for Blender!

If something isn’t included in one of those PDF’s you can always search for how to do anything on google.

Here is a slideshow of all the software I have worked with recently

Closing Comments πŸ‘‹

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you found it interesting to read about my methods for learning new software. If you have any feedback for me about my post or things related to this post please let me know with a comment!

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