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Music Fun! | Blogging Challenge Day 6


Another Challenge❗️

Day 6 of the student blogging challenge is all about music. Unfortunately for me because I don’t listen to music. I also don’t know many artists or bands so this is going to be fun for me.

For this post we were given some guidelines. We had to pick 3 f the things below and do the post about them.

Things we had to pick from:

Survey About Music 🎵

I have decided that I would choose, for one of my topics, to create some kind of survey about music as that seems like it could be interesting. Click below to go to the survey!


Copyright Free Music

For the second topic I thought I would talk about how to find copyright free music. I personally create a lot of content where I like to put music in the background. The thing is with music is you can’t just take a song and use it. I like to find my music from the YouTube Audio Library. It’s a great resource and is very well known, plus entirely copyright free!

Make Some Music 🎶

If you have looked around my blog a bit you would know that I like to learn software. At the time of writing this I have just picked up GIMP, which is like free Photoshop. I have had some fun learning that so I think for my last topic I should learn a software and make some music. I have decided for this topic I would make the music to go along with this body mechanics animation I created a bit ago. I used Chrome Music Lab to make the music.

The music is not very good but I had fun making it!

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