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Celebrations and Festivities 🎁 | Blogging Challenge Day 9


Another Blogging Challenge ⌨

Welcome to another blogging challenge! For day nine of the student blogging challenge we have to choose two of the four tasks we were offered and write a blog post about them. I have decided to go with task number one and two. If you would like to read more about them click the image!

Celebration 🎉

I personally am not a fan of holidays or celebrations but if I had to pick one that I prefer over others I would say my birthday. I prefer this one because I can keep it calm and do what I want, also there isn’t decorations which is one of the things I least like about holidays. Usually on my birthday I will just do whatever I feel like. This usually means just relaxing or working on personal projects in Blender or another software. I will also definitely be playing video games on my birthday because that is something I enjoy doing when I want to relax. Recently I got an Oculus Quest 2 and I have been playing a lot of Beat Saber, which is a game where you have to hit blocks to the rhythm of a song. Other than that I will also usually have some cake. I am not to picky with cake because it’s a cake and whatever you get what’s not to like! One of my favourite types of cakes is however sponge cake.

Thanks for reading another blogging challenge post. It was a short one but I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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