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Reflection Time | Blogging Challenge Day 11


Let’s Reflect 🔎

The student blogging challenge has been really fun and I think I have made some great posts and great changes to my blog and what it looks like. Now it is time to reflect and take a look back at some of my favourite posts and some areas where I think I could improve. Click Here to look at all of my posts from the student blogging challenge.

Favourite Post And Why 👍

My favourite post that I have created over the duration of the student blogging challenge would have to be my post about how I learn new software. I think that this is a really good post and it was a lot of fun to make. This post was from day 3 of the blogging challenge where it was all about embedding content. This is my favourite post because I got the chance to talk about something that interests me and I had fun trying to embed all the different things. I also think that it was a really visually pleasing post.

Least Favourite Post And Why 👎

My least favourite post was probably the post about about holidays. This was day 9 which was all about celebrations and festivities. I didn’t like making this post as I don’t really like holidays which I say in the post. I don’t think it is a very nice looking post either and I didn’t have that much fun writing it as I think you can tell from reading the post.

Most Surprisingly Fun Post and Why 😮

The pos that I was most surprised by how fun it was to write was probably the emoji story post. This post was from day 7 which was all about emojis. For this post we had to create a story inspired by different emojis. I was sceptical about this post as it seemed kind of silly but it ended up being a lot of fun to write. I like this post because of how simple yet fun it was to make and I think the story ended up being kind of funny.

How Will I Keep Blogging❓

The topics I will talk about in the future will likely stick to things like summative project posts but I would also like to keep posting about things I learning out side of school. I will likely be talking about the new software I am working with or personal projects I am working on with Blender. I might also talk about updates that come out for software that I am using because those can be interesting and quite in-depth.

Conclusion 🔚

The student blogging challenge ended up being a lot more fun then I thought it would be. What was your favourite post of mine from the student blogging challenge? Let me know in the comments of this post and hopefully I will see you on my next post!

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