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Argh, Matey! 🏴‍☠️| Summative Post


I’m back after a very short project this time. Our latest project was call Argh, Matey! It was a very fun project and I look forward to telling you all about it.

What Was This Project❓

This projects driving question was “What was the impact of global exploration?”. If you don’t know, in PLP every project has a driving question which we answer by the end of the project through different milestones and stepping stones. This post is a summative post meaning my goal is to write about what we did in this project and how we answered the driving question.

Some Things We Did 📝

History Lectures 🕰

During this project we had a couple of lectures. These were my favourite parts of the project as I got to take notes, which I enjoy, and they really helped a lot in the later parts of the project. Because of my notes being well organized and clear I was able to not have to focus as much on gathering information in the later parts of the project.

Captain Philips Movie 🚢

The first thing we did as a part of this project was watch the movie Captain Philips. Aside from this being a great and super interesting movie, it was super helpful to the later parts of the project and tied into them surprisingly well. If you haven’t seen the movie you can read more about it HERE. I would highly recommend watching it!

AR Makr Videos 📱

The final part of our project was creating a video that explained a part of the age of exploration using the story spine. This was not something I particularly enjoyed as I’m not personally a fan of combining real world and digital aspects in the way AR does it. I did however get to use a pretty cool new app which I would suggest checking out because it is fun. You can see more about AR Makr HERE.

An Area I Struggled 😬

One of the more difficult parts of the project was laying out the drawings for the AR Makr video. I think the result I got was decent in the end but definitely could have been improved. In the future I would probably try to remember to think more about the real world parts of the video and how they are complementing the virtual parts.

Final Thoughts 🧠

This was a fun project that provided lots of new opportunities for me to learn about new skills and topics. Now how did we answer the driving question? To refresh your memory, the driving question was “What was the impact of global exploration?”. Well to answer this we listened to the lectures where we learned new information about the effects of exploration and we also learned about where and when these things took place. We later used this knowledge to prove that we understood the topic by creating a story about exploration, answering that driving question.

Thank you for reading another summative post! If you are interested in more of my writing I would suggest some of the posts below from the Student Blogging Challenge.

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