Hi and welcome back to my blog! For this week, the theme is…coding! I am not that experienced with coding, at all. I think that it’s pretty cool that there are many different “languages” of coding such as Java, or HTML but, still, I suck at it, no joke. 

The people of SBC introduced me to someone who is very good at coding in fact, he is partially blind as well, then, we got to leave him a comment. (Fun Fact: Alex, the person that is very experienced with coding, also has the same first name as me.) Then, they wanted us to comment on his blog. Here is the comment that I left him: 

The people of SBC also told us to use this website called Hour Of Code, to practice our coding skills (which I don’t have). I decided to do the Minecraft one. There was also four different tutorials to choose from, and I tried the newest one,  Minecraft voyage aquatic. 


This coding experience was a lot more fun than I thought, it was very interesting to try to move the character without controls, but with… code! First, there was 10 different “lessons” that we had to pass, and if you passed those, you can make them do whatever they want. 

That’s all for now!