Hi it’s Alex and welcome back to my blog! This week is week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge where we are talking about Music! For this week we had several choices of prompts of what we could do for this week, I chose to do a video that people have to guess the artist, song or instrument so, here it is. 

I really enjoyed making this and hoped you enjoyed doing it!

See you in my next blog post!


  1. Mrs. Bentley


    I didn’t do very well, but I love your video. That was a great idea! I was so tired when I watched it, I only got one point. I should have known all of them. I played clarinet in middle school during band class, so I knew that one right away. I also played piano and violin for a short while during elementary school. What is your favorite music? Do you play any instruments? Come visit our class blog.

    Mrs. Bentley

    • Lexie

      Hi Mrs Bentley,
      Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed my video. I played piano for 4 years and trumpet in band during elementary school. Ever since then, I have been super busy with other activities and school that I haven’t found the time to start playing those instruments again or learning how to play another one. I will definetly leave a comment on your blog!


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