Howdy, and welcome back to another post on my magnificent blog. Today I sat down and watched a two hour movie to write a review on the greatest, most wonderful and exciting film of the entire Star Wars saga…The Empire Strikes Back. And that, was true indeed, the empire did “strike back” in this film, but, you’ll have to see for yourself. Except, first, you need to read this review, thank you.

Coming back after the huge hit, “A New Hope”, George Lucas has certainly done it again and definitely not disappointed his audience with this new movie. For 1980 especially, this movie had some pretty great quality in terms of editing, locations, scenes, shots, writing and battles and many will agree that people think similarly about this film to this day. Many hardcore fans believe that “The Empire Strikes Back”, is probably the best movie, out of all the Star Wars saga. 

The very wise and famous Yoda was first introduced in this movie, he allowed us to learn more than we have ever before and not to mention, also took part of Luke’s character’s development during the courses of the film. Yoda, became a fan-favourite and over the years has even become one of the faces of the franchise. 

The protagonist, seemed to mostly actually be portrayed by Han himself, the character that fans adore and the absolute coolest space pirate ever, who actually played a big part in this movie. Even though this movie focused on Luke being trained by Yoda, it also focused on Han, Leia and Chewie tying to escape and not get captured from Vader which was also where most of the action was also, not to mention, Luke was saved several times by Han in this movie. Making Luke, more of a co-star in this film. 

Following this, later becoming one of the hallmarks of the entire film saga, the battle of Hoth. This was the new base for the rebels that they retreated to after blowing up the Death Star. Making a safe place to stay at for a little while, the empire later found them and got really close to catching them but thankfully, Leia, Han and the rest of the gang, minus Luke going somewhere else, got away. 

Last but not least,  the iconic and very famous line; “Luke, I am your father.” This line is known worldwide, the moment when Luke finds out about the truth, where his mind shifts. Fans, find this line emotionally touching and tremendously impacting, no matter how many times they may have watched that scene or not. 

To conclude, if these points still haven’t convinced you that “The Empire Strikes Back” is the best movie of the entire Star Wars saga, then who knows what will. This movie, being one of the classics as well, is still an amazing film and that kept the popularity of the Star Wars saga going after the first movie that became super popular. 

That is all for my review, thank you for reading it, I appreciate it and I hope that you have an amazing day.

I’ll see you in my next blog post! So long!