Guess what’s back? That’s right, Destination Imagination is back once again! Except this time, its pretty different. If you’d like to see what Destination Imagination is, click here to see my blog post from last year, or click here to see their website. This year’s challenges are: 

My group (Julia, Ben, Ally, Meg and Kaden) and I choose to do the scientific challenge: First Encounter. The basis of our challenge was to choose a species and habitat which would both have a sort of morph amongst the first encounter which we would surround with a story, team choice elements and other required elements of the challenge. The species we chose was to do a black mamba, our original idea and inspiration was one of those dragon costumes that they have at Chinese festivals, but this is how the costume turned out:

Thank you Malaika ( for the amazing photo

The deliverable that I was in-charge of was the outsider species and habitat. So, basically researching more about our species and doing the set for the habitat. The problems about our set was that the trees were too high and the florida sign was too big, so we’ll have to fix that for provincials. The species on the other hand, I had done this document filled with facts about the black mamba, but I think I could’ve done a lot more. 

The morph was supposed to be one of us pulling over a sheet to reveal the black mamba doing something called ecdysis to reveal a completely different colour. The problem was that the sheet that was covering our morph had basically already fallen off before the presentation even started. 

Next was our habitat morph, we decided to have it as Florida. As you may or may not know, florida is presently suffering from a few rat problems here and there, and what better to come restore it’s ecosystem? Our black mamba species, Bubbles! Our habitat morph, which also did not turn out that well, was a total mess. Our plan was to make our own scissor lift and wind it up to have a palm tree come out of “the ground” which was really a staging block that we had created to put in the middle of our theatre in the round stage. The problem was that our staging block wasn’t tall enough to fit our tree so, what we did was cover the rest of the tree with a sheet. There was another problem, we were unsuccessful on making the scissor lift, but thankfully, we actually found one that was the perfect size just in Mr Gross’ classroom! During the presentation though, the scissor lift took forever to wind up and the pulling of the sheet didn’t make it look too good either. 

Another thing that didn’t go quite as planned was our team choice elements. Our first was a sound board that we wanted to have to enhance our presentation using sound effects because we didn’t plan enough or pursue the idea. Our other team choice element was having recycled costumes and I mean, they were recycled but if we were to really actually put that as a team choice element, we should’ve used things like plastic bottles or cans for the costumes.

To conclude, we’ve got quite a lot of things that we’ve got to work on before we are going to present it on FaceTime, because of the corona virus. Here’s a list:

– Make our costumes look more recycled

– Make morphs better (original, clearer and have them look better)

– Use more technical methods for species morph

– Practice set up and going through everything

– Include way more research in our story