“Actually Factually” 🤓

I hope you like the word “project”.  Hello and welcome to this blog post about a recent project I completed called “The Manhattan Project²”. This project revolved around creating an eBook that demonstrates the historical significance of the Manhattan Project. Generally each project has keystones, but this project seemed to be more self-motivated. The process […]

Mightier Than The Sword

Hello and welcome to my first summative blog post of my grade 11 year! I just finished a project called “Mightier than the sword”. In this project I focused on building my communicating and social awareness skills. The end product of this project was to create a piece of writing targeted towards grade 8’s to […]

Honda Indy Toronto

Hello! During this summer I’ve been on a vacation visiting family and friends. Within this time I’ve been able to experience different things I normally wouldn’t do, such as the Honda Indy. Honestly, this was a sort of surprise/in the moment things that was arranged. I’m really interested in cars and enjoy continuing understanding the […]

Time for a tPOL!

Declaration of Learning: “Thank you for coming to my presentation on learning. I am an expert in my learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering […]

Spring Exhibition 2023

Hello! I just presented my work from the project Marketing You in the 2023 PLP Spring Exhibition. In this exhibition we displayed our podcast, focusing on pitching it. To display my podcast I created a business card that displayed the message of my podcast and a QR linking to it. I also presented my personal business […]

I’m A Podcaster Now

Hello! I’ve recently completed a project in Maker called “Using Design to Influence Others’ Lives for Good!”. This project also tied into another project “Using The Reflective Process of Design”. This blog post will be a collective reflection on both. The driving questions for these projects were “How might I Using Design to Influence for […]

Stocks Don’t Always Succeed

Hello! I’ve just finish the rest of PGP, for this year. Recently, in PGP, we’ve been working on planning our future and Marketing Me. This blog post is going to focus on Financing. In this project/section of PGP I created budgets, learnt about where to save, and how a stock market works. The driving question […]

The First Step In Truth and Reconciliation

Hello and welcome! This blog post is summing up a recent project called Lies and Incongruencies. Throughout this project we read a book, wrote reflections and create a collage. These project were a part of the process of Keystones that helped to answer the driving question for this project. The question for this project was […]

Hello I’m Alicia!

Hello! I’ve recently worked on a new project PGP. The project is about Making Career Life Choices. This blog post isn’t about that project as a whole, but more about a big section called “Marketing You”. I complete many different aspects such as creating a resume and business card. The driving question for this section […]