An Awesome Assonance Alliteration! (A Poetry Post)

Hello and welcome to this short reflective blog post. I’m very excited to announce that I’ve came to the end of a new Humanities project to work on. This project was called Working With Words and it was about poetry! (Yes I’m writing that with excitement). I really enjoyed this project because it was about […]

Chemistry Stories! (Wait both?! Yes!!!)

Hello, I’ve started a new scimatics project called ‘Chemistry Stories’. Throughout this project I  was tasked to make an animation that showed an answer to the driving question, “How do the electron arrangements of atoms determine the chemical and physical properties of elements and compounds?”. Within this project I created elements that helped me create […]

Correlation vs. Causation

I’ve started a new Scimatics, partner, project called Correlation vs Causation. Throughout this project me and my partner, Nolan, were tasked to make a presentation that showed an answer to the driving question, “How are Correlation and Causation different?”. Within this project we created surveys, data charts, and a presentation. I will be going in-depth […]

Take Our Kids To Work Day!

What is take our kids to work day? Take Our Kids to Work Day is an event that takes place in November, where Grade 9 students across Canada spend the day at work with a parent, guardian, or an another adult.  Personally I went to my dad’s work at his business called The Hepburn Group. […]

Summer! What I’ve Been Up To…

  Hello world,     I’m writing this blog post in great summer spirt! Actually to be honest I’m just trying to entertain myself, so I don’t get outrageously bored. Anyways… this post is basically just an update on how my summer is going. Which brings me to this past month, which I’ve been doing […]

Comic Cells…A Summative Blog Post

  Hello world, I’ve came to the last project of Q4 (which also means the last project of the year). This project was called “Comic Cells”. the goal of this project was to create a comic about how diseases and cells interact with one another. To actually understand what I was learning throughout this project […]

An Ultimate (Summative) 3D Post!

Hello world,  I’ve started a new group project called “Ultimate design challenge”. The goal of this project is to make a 3D, group, model of an object that is maximized for ether volume or surface area (I chose an object for volume). To work up to this point (of making a 3D model) I had […]