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SBC Week 2 | Commenting

Hey guys, this post is the week two post for the student blogging challenge.  This week, it‘s all about commenting and the rules you set for bloggers commenting on your blog.  Comments are really important because they give you positive feedback and gives you the ability to learn more about other bloggers and to get them to learn a little more about you.  Comments are also a great way to make someone smile or think deeper into the questions you ask them.  Anyways below are my seven rules to a great comment on my blog

My Commenting Rules

1.   When commenting, keep a conversation going.  Ask open-ended questions that are tougher to answer.

2.  Comment only positive comments.  Negative comments just bring people down and it doesn’t help them at all.  Instead, ask a positive comment and if you want to critique someone’s work, do it in a way you’re not being hurtful.

3.  When commenting, stay calm cool, and collective.  In past SBC I have seen some people get something wrong and commenters going on rants telling them what is right and wrong.  Stay chill in your comments and don’t sound rude or angry.

4.  When commenting, include the link to your blog site so I can check it out and comment back on one of your posts.

5.  Make sure you include a question in your comments.  This is a great way to strike up a better conversation and is a better comment for the blogger.

6.  Don’t swear in comments or spam on posts.

7.  Take your time writing these comments.  The more time you spend on them the better they will be.

Another part of this challenge was to use HTML to comment on a blog post.  HTML is a programming language for building websites.  I don’t know much HTML because I’m not that interested in building websites but I found it fun to mess around with.  I couldn’t figure out how to comment but I figured out how to make words bold and italic in a regular post.  You can use the greater than, less than, and backslash to create bold and italic words.  Sometimes it can be confusing where to add the symbols, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

The last part of this challenge was to comment on other bloggers blog posts.  I found that this was fun.  It was interesting reading about other students participating in the student blogging challenge.  I thought it was cool seeing that some of the blogger‘s showed some similar interests with me.

I hope you got something out of reading this blog post.  There will be another one coming soon.


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