Hey guys, welcome back to another SBC blog post.  This post is all about celebrations and festivities.  Since Christmas is coming around, I decided that I’m going to talk about how my family and I celebrate Christmas.  I’m first going to write about what Christmas looks like at my house.  I then am going to share a photo from Christmas.  Enjoy!

Usually, we have the whole family over at our house for Christmas Day.  We open up presents from each other when everyone is here and awake and celebrate hang out with family until lunch. We celebrate by cooking lots of food such as turkey, mashed potatoes and more.  We also have a tradition of opening Christmas crackers before we eat. Christmas crackers are this weirdly shaped cylinder where that you have two people pull from each side and it makes a cracking sound when it opens.  There are many goodies in them such as jokes, toys, and a paper hat.  Christmas end with everyone thanking each other for the great gifts and saying our goodbyes until next Christmas. 🙂

This is a photo of a mini tree that we keep at our house.  We usually have two trees, one smaller one in the kitchen area and a larger one in the living room area.  We usually set up a smaller
tree before getting a bigger one.  We decorate it just like any other Christmas tree and store some of the early Christmas presents.  Sometimes, I find it better to have a smaller tree than a bigger tree.  Its less of a hassle and still a great way to keep yourself in the Christmas spirit.

This is the end of my post.  I hope you enjoyed.  Comment down below if your Christmas is similar to mine.  Anyway thanks for reading!  👋