Rogue One showed the darker side of the Star Wars universe.  Rogue One was a Star Wars movie that  made many unique achievements.  It was the first Star Wars movie that wasn’t part of a trilogy.  It was the first Star Wars movie that recreated an actor digitally.  This movie had a lot to bring to the table and it wasn’t a letdown.  The movie focused on how the rebels could steal the plans of the death star to restore peace to the galaxy.

Rogue One is told through the view of Jyn, the daughter of an imperial engineer who is the mastermind of the death star.  After he was kidnapped by the imperials, Jyn has been living alone getting into trouble for years.  She then unites with the rebels who are also in search of her dad.  They are trying to find him so that they can stop the ultimate imperial weapon from being finished,  the death star.

Rogue One added a great tone and flow to the story.  All of the different aspects of the movie that make it unique from the new characters, the interesting backstories, and the overall flow to the story. This was the first movie that showed us the true power and anger of the infamous Darth Vader.  We saw how he was barley surviving and how he was remolded to the robotic-like creature he is today. The short comedic bits they threw in the movie also helped balance the action and climax.  Even while so much was going on, you could count on K-2S0 to blurt out something comedic.  The movie also ended right before “A New Hope” which is another reason why the flow of the story worked so well.

All of these rebels had to put their life at risk to fight for what’s right.  In Jyn’s case, she lost her life while fighting for what she believed in.  Even though she wasn’t a true rebel, she fought for what she thought was right till the point of death.  The amount of commitment and dedication was something no one has seen before in a Star Wars movie.  You could say that there is still commitment and dedication from each character in each Star Wars movie, but not to the point where they would risk there life, and others lives for the greater good of the galaxy.  This is the only Star Wars movie where almost everyone dies and this shows the sacrifice and bond from each character.  With this sacrifice, the rebels now have the plans and have found “A New Hope” in defeating the empire and saving the galaxy.