Welcome to another weekly reflection. This week, we’re starting to go deeper into our upcoming podcast episodes about continuity and change. This week, I was able to get an interview from Liz Bollmann who works with the deep cove heritage society. Before my interview, I found out that Liz Bollmann also works as a software developer and helps with creating software for hotel reservations. This had me wondering what was the travel industry like in the 50s? After thinking about this, it created a lot of questions that I had to ask Liz Bollmann. What is it like programming hotel reservation systems? How has hotel reservation software changed from what it was in the 50s? I was able to find answers to these questions and learn a lot more. Looking at reservation systems in the 50s, hotels used very simple technology. Even though it doesn’t look that impressive, at the time it solved a lot of problems for hotels. Before hotel reservation systems, hotels use to have to collect their reservations by mail and calls. Sometimes, reservations were lost and forgotten about which caused a lot of problems for some hotels in the 50s. When talking to Liz Bollmann about the reservation software today, it is amazing how far it has come from what it was in the ’50s. Today, everything is digitalized. The hotel reservation software that the company she works for doesn’t just do reservations, it also helps keep track of who’s in which room, finances for all of the employees, and so much more. Along with that, Liz Bollmann told me that they are constantly adding more to the software and taking suggestions and what to add from the hotel businesses using the software. Going back to continuity and change, I have learned that the hotel industry and hotel reservation systems in particular have greatly changed for the better. The main aspect of hotel reservation systems like keeping reservations organized have stayed the same. Other than that, technology has had a big role in the change of reservation systems from what they were in the 50s. Overall, I never understood how important hotel reservation systems are until that interview. It showed me how important it is for hotels and the impact of technology in the hotel industry.