I Can Do My MPOL

It’s that time of the year again where MPOLs have come around. The last time I did this was way back in grade 8 before the pandemic started. If you want to read about that you can go here. Today I’m here to reflect on my grade 10 year so far and try and answer these questions: How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so ar this year? How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year?


I practiced bilding and sharing my own ideas in our project where we created or own political party.

One of the things I want to work on that is more personal, is my memory and intake of information. During our winter exhibition project we were learning a lot of different information about different events. I found it hard to remember all of this and keep the information together.

At the winter exhibition, I had an I CAN moment. For me thinking back to this moment helps put me in a good mindset. It was a realization where I realized I could do something that I didn’t really think I was ready to do. Now looking back I can remember that moment, and that feeling, and start to try more things knowing I can do it it even if it takes time.