The Seven Habits In My Daily Life

Our most recent project we finish up was called believe in good. It was all about learning and understanding the Seven habits, then applying them to our life. Throughout the project we learned about the private victory, the public victory and renewal. Each of these stages has a set few habits that go with them.

Private victory:

This habit is all about holding yourself accountable for your actions and not blaming others. It’s about taking action, owning up to things, and start thinking about how you can fix the problems in your life.
Habit 2 is about actively pursuing an end goal. Have purpose when you start something, make a mission for yourself in your work. Dream big and don’t hod yourself back.
In habit 3 you work on having priorities that you stick to. Instead of pushing the hard work till later, start at it now and get it done, prioritize the things tat matter most in your life.

Public Victory:

When your thinking win win, you are viewing life as a cooperative environment not a competitive one. Your thinking about how you can win while another simultaneously wins. It’s about finding balance and consideration for others.
Habit 5 is about looking to understand the real meaning behind others actions. Instead of simply reacting when someone does something pause and take the time to consider why they acted that way. This habit is about showing empathy to what others think or feel.
In habit 6, you are trying to work with an open heart. Understanding that others can have a positive influence on life and trying to see all interactions that way. Its about recognizing your differences and working past them to work as a team.


This is the last habit and it’s about working on all aspects of yourself. Making sure your mental, spritual, badly and heart are all in balance. This habit is about continuing to seek improvement in your strengths.


For each of those sections we completed an assessment activity of choice. When we finished with all of those we moved on to one final assessment. We were to create three final products that reflected all seven habits and the core competencies. Instead of creating three different products I wanted to create one. I had this idea sorta kinda pop into my head, and I couldn’t get it out. I wasn’t even sure how I wanted to do it just, just that I wanted to do it this way. When I got to planning it out, things slowly started to come together in my head and I had a clearer picture of what I wanted to do. From the very beginning I had the idea of doing a workout video. I think this had been stuck in my head because for all of the small assessment activities at the begining of the project I always thought doing a workout video would be really cool, so now was my chance.

The first thing I did before I started filming was create a story board. Just to picture my ideas and how it would all work together. On the story board I even wrote where everything was represented, where I was show each habit and each competency. This helped a lot as I now had a visual to look at. When I finished to storyboard, I wrote out what I need, and what I need to do. Once I had that done all that was left to do was film and edit. I was lucky to have a sunny day to film so I could be outside. I would say one of the arrest parts of filming was getting the camera angle right and keeping it in that position for all the shots. However, I finally got it to work and it managed to not fall over or move during the filming.

After I finished the video I just had to create the musc in garage band, which was the most frustrating part. I had to create a song that was roughly four mins long and every time I got the length wrong. When I finally got it right I still wasn’t super happy with it but I had already spent a lot of time on it so I decided to leave it as it is and move on. Here is the final video:


This video is an example oh how I use the seven habits in my daily life. Some of the habits may be harder to see in the video or understand why they apply, so below I will explain how you can see each.

Habit 1 Be Proacive-

This is shown at the very beginning with a reminder popping up on my phone. I am being proactive and already have a reminder set, giving me no excuse to not do it because I “forgot”.

Habit 2 Begin With The End In Mind-

This is shown throughout the whole video. When I exercice and workout I have and end goal of staying healthy and fit. It is then that I go and workout with this in mind.

Habit 3 Put First Thing First-

Excersising for me is very important, it actually helps my productivity because I feel always feel better and more energized after. If you keep that in mind the video shows me putting first things first. Often I would hang out with friends rather workout, this video shows me putting this first over activities that do not take priority.

Habit 4 Think Win-Win –

This is represented in the music I created. It starts of quiet and softer and then gets louder an more energetic. Thinking win-win is often hard at first which is represented by the softer music, but when you can really start thinking and believing in win-win it feels good and you feel better about yourself and your work. That is represented by the change in pace with the music.

Habit 5 Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood-

This habit is also represented in the music. Trying to understand someone is slow at the beginning but as you grasp what they are trying to convey everything starts to come together and make sense. This is why it starts slow and gets fast for majority of the song.

Habit 6 Synergize-

Towards the end of my video I have a partner come out and join me because I can’t do the excersise by myself. The more we keep working together the more we are working in synergy.

Habit 7 Sharpen The Saw-

Excersing is one was to sharpen the body aspect and even the mind.


This is shown by me calling (with my great acting skills) and asking for help, and then having someone join me.


This one is in the music, I had to use my creative thinking skills to express how I feel through the music.

Personal and Social-

This is shown thrught the whole video. It shows personal development and awareness to my identity and my learning. I am aware that exercise will hep my accèdent skills and make sure I have a balance of both.

I have completed this assignment differently then everyone else. However I am still conveying the same thing. I use the seven habits in my daily life and they help me be a more effective person. My video is just one example of how I can use the habits day to day. The video shows that I understand how these habits are influencing and integrated into my life. At the begining of this project I wa not aware of any of this are I definitely wasn’t actively trying to practice these habits. Now that I know and have learned about them, I have started trying to think about them everyday and how I can be continually practicing and growing with them. This project taught me a lot, I’m glad I learned the different steps in the habits with the personal and private victory, I think this is going to be a very useful tool for me in life.