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Welcome to the second part of the Medium is the Message Reflection! If you were wondering what happened in the first part of the project, you can check it out here! Oh goodness, where to start… where to start? We ended… Continue Reading →

Hello there everyone! We’re on our way to completing yet another unit, and I’m ecstatic to say I’ve learned a lot! Today I’m back with the first part of my reflection on the overall experience!   And so, we begin… Continue Reading →

During this project, I learned many things about the PLP program and the basics on how to use my iPad as a tool in my academic endeavours. One of the things I learned while completing this assignment was the basics… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my first ever blog! Here you’ll find some reflections on some of my school projects and my overall progress as a PLP learner. My name is Ava and I’m currently “chilling” in the 8th grade. You could say… Continue Reading →

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