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Driving Question “What can I do, even if only in a small way, to be apart of Reconciliation?” This year, we were required to take a course called “BC First Peoples” (aka BCFP), and we were able to take it… Continue Reading →

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire. Schindler’s List In 1993, Steven Spielberg released a movie… But it was not just any movie. It was one of the movies. An incredible piece of cinema that stood out in a… Continue Reading →

✨DRIVING QUESTION✨ How can you showcase evidence to demonstrate that PLP Success Behaviours have prepared you to advance to the next grade?   ✨POL DECLARATION✨ “Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my… Continue Reading →

Driving Question “How has fear been used as a political, defensive, and cultural tool to shape our society?” What is fear?  Is it an emotion? A feeling? Or is it a tool? A secret power for you (and others) to… Continue Reading →

(Hmm… This animation looks familiar…) Driving Question “How do we convince young people that they should vote?” I was never one for politics.  Actually, that’s a lie. Yes, I’m into historical politics… I love reading everything from King Henry and… Continue Reading →

UNDRIP was created by the UN to define, establish, and affirm the rights of Indigenous peoples around the world. It was passed in 2007 by the United Nations and was recently adopted in Canada. With 46 articles, this declaration seeks… Continue Reading →

Driving Question “How can we use a formal debate to convince an audience we’re right?” What does it mean to be a superhero?  A cape. A mask. A secret identity.  …Or is it more than that?  I thought I knew… Continue Reading →

Driving Question “How did the development of the atomic bomb change the world?” What is the most important event in human history? To think of it, how could one possibly decide? Was it the discovery of fire? The invention of… Continue Reading →

So, you’ve made it to grade 8. Congratulations! Driving Question “How can we use the power of written text to inspire the new PLP 8 learners?” Writing. Words. MMMMmmMMMmmmMmM.  Do I like the idea of writing? Yes. Absolutely. So, do… Continue Reading →

Driving Question “How do I support my career life choices?” For centuries, currency has been used to support our financial systems. Rocks like gold and silver, though they had no nutritional value (don’t try this at home kids), were held… Continue Reading →

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