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If time is money, when do I get paid?  There’s no denying that we’ve all had “dream jobs.” Ones that we’ve kept for years, which tend to be on the unrealistic side like a fairy princess chemist… or just a… Continue Reading →

(A short assignment where we practiced our first interviews) As I mentioned in my “Vibrant Videos” post: “If there’s anything in the world I adore more than a freshly baked cookie… it’s film.” …And documentaries definitely fall under that category. … Continue Reading →

(The Exhibition Poster that Ariane, Sabrina, and I created) In case you didn’t know, PLP also has seasonal exhibitions where we can showcase our work with the Seycove community, including our parents and teachers.  (I recommend that you check out… Continue Reading →

It’s officially only a couple days left until summer, and I can’t wait to sleep more! However, I still have to present one final reflection of the learning I’ve experienced this year… or rather my tPol (transitional presentation of learning)…. Continue Reading →

Ah yes, “Life’s Greatest Miracle.” At first glance, I’d guess that this “miracle” would be ice cream, cheesecake, or even a warm cookie by the fireplace. Practically anything food related.  BUT NO- It’s babies… which is acceptable, because they are… Continue Reading →

If there’s anything in the world I adore more than a freshly baked cookie… it’s film. Whether it’s a trilogy about laser swords or a 5 hour time-lapse of a flower growing, my love is guaranteed.  Ok, ok. It’s not… Continue Reading →

Ah, comic books. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of binging these. I’ve even waited years for sequels (I’ve been faithfully following along with “Amulet” since Grade 2…) Whether it be Garfield, random webcomics, or Batman… …Ever since i was little, I’ve… Continue Reading →

Have you ever tried to “speed-run” a blog post? Yeah, me neither, but I guess there’s always time for a first. This week has been hectic (I got sick and practically stared at my ceiling for 3 days. Let’s just… Continue Reading →

Did I consider myself savvy in the technological department? Was I destined to become an electrical engineer? Can I connect two wires without blowing up a building? No.  Hello there everyone and welcome to another blog post! Today I’ll be reflecting… Continue Reading →

”Dalfkdjsf[lkehwafikldsn.” ”hgbjyjhgjnynj.” ”rteaohfnjvawefjbv;jwhrbfekldeawuhbvdkjweiohskdnsdfdsfdsafdsfdddddddddd.” Imagine the noise of me whacking my head on my keyboard. …Repeatedly. Destination Imagination. It crept up on me again. If you want to catch up on my experiences with DI, you can check out my older… Continue Reading →

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